David Aganzo wins the AFE elections, but Toquero denounces him to the police for fraud

David Aganzo, president of AFE, during the elections

David aganzo will continue to preside over the Spanish Soccer Players Association (AFE), the main union of players of First and Second, after the endless count in the elections to which it also competed Gaizka toquero… unless the authorities annul the result.

As reported by Deportes COPE, Aganzo has won by more than 1,000 votes, but his rival has not accepted the resolution and has reported what happened to the police. The ex-footballer of Athletic and Alavés among others affirms that there were duplicate votes and of people not counted, in addition to having broken custody of the ballot boxes on several occasions. Toquero accuses Aganzo and his candidacy of electoral fraud.

The candidacy of Gaizka toquero it considers that there have been “duly documented irregularities”. The # AFEUnid @ s project indicated in a statement that it has been “publicly denouncing in recent days” an alleged fraud in the union presidential elections in which Toquero competes with David Aganzo.

Thus, the candidacy stressed that there have been irregularities ranging “from votes of people who are not even in the census, something that is difficult to explain, through manipulations of the electoral roll and even duplicate votes.”

“In addition, the custody of votes by mail has been called into question since the notarial chain of custody has been broken on several occasions throughout the process, preventing guaranteeing the inviolability of the ballot boxes,” he added.

In this way, given “all these irregularities, duly documented” by the candidacy, they have given “transfer through a complaint to the Specialized and Violent Crime Unit of the National Police (UDEV), competent body in this matter. “” This unit has opened an investigation to clarify the facts, “he said.

The candidacy of Gaizka Toquero also pointed out problems in the election of the members of the Electoral Table, carried out “through a lottery among AFE affiliates before a notary public and with the presence of the current president of the Management Commission that AFE directs during the elections, Jorge Azkoitia, in addition to a representative of each one of the candidatures “.

These three members “are the highest authority during the count and are solely responsible and competent when making any decision they consider appropriate to guarantee the transparency and legality of the process,” they recalled from the project.

From this they also complained that the Electoral Commission, “instead of being made up of independent professionals who watch over the process, it is made up of, among others, Leopoldo Pardo Serrano as president, lawyer who has been the legal defense of David Aganzo for years, or as secretary to Maria Jose Lopez Gonzalez, one of Aganzo’s own trusted people at the head of the union’s legal department “.

In this sense, # AFEUnid @ s accuses López of trying “maneuvering to ‘eliminate’ the members of the Electoral Table”. “In the first place, he lied by stating, in a meeting prior to the electoral process, that they had resigned in writing, something that turned out to be false and that outraged the members of the polling station,” he said.

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