Cryptocurrencies, eSports and social networks, this is how DUX Inter is revolutionizing Spanish football

David Barral celebrates a goal with DUX Inter.

It is the story in reverse. The DUX Inter is he first eSports team to switch to ‘real’ sport and not the other way around. With the famous youtuber Y streamer DjMaRiiO as main investor with Thibaut Courtois Y Borja Iglesias placeholder image, the team has made history by rising to the First Division RFEF (Pro RFEF) and also play the promotion phase to Second division. A few years ago it was a club that went unnoticed and without professional aspirations. Today he will be, at least, among the thirty best in the third category of Spanish football.

A combination of results on the last day of the qualifying phase of Second B placed DUX Inter among the qualifiers to contest the Second promotion phase. Their draw with Poblense and the defeat of Rayo Majadahonda against LasRozas gave them the direct ticket to the First RFEF, in what was a giant step forward for a team that took an impressive leap with the arrival of DUX Gaming to the club structure. A play that has been little less than a master.

At present we are seeing how professional sports clubs open their tentacles and launch into new projects in the field of eSports. However DUX Gaming went the other way and On June 30, 2020 he bought the Madrid-Boadilla International. The aforementioned DjMaRiio, Courtois and Iglesias became the owners of the team, which since then has only grown, but always with its feet on the ground.

The arrival of DUX Gaming meant the change of headquarters and image. The team moved to the town of Villaviciosa de Odón and became part of the brand’s own style, adopting its logo, colors and uniforms, which were previously only used in the club’s eSports sections.

But DUX Inter goes beyond the achievements of the first team, which dreams of the Second Division. The creation of an unusual quarry model in clubs of these characteristics makes a difference. The possibility of working with players from a young age to give continuity to the club in its different categories is a plus, and since October 6, 2020 a reality with six teams between juniors, youngests and fry.

By having DUX Gaming behind the project, DUX Inter is a state-of-the-art club when it comes to social media and product marketing. Without going any further, the signing of David barral with a contract whereby the player receives his salary in cryptocurrencies made history in Spanish football as the first to be carried out with this payment method.

The influence of gaming was also noted in the treatment of the football club’s social networks. DUX Inter turned their accounts social media and got much closer to the public, taking advantage of the pull of his fan base of eSports. Photographs, GIFs, videos, animations … A highly visual product in line with what is required of a good community manager.

And it is that in the world of technologies, DUX Inter has no rival. Not even the Real Madrid. When the white team published on their social networks that they had become the first soccer club to reach 100,000 followers on their official Twitch channel, DUX Inter had something to say. “We are sorry to inform you that you are not. DUX achieved it on February 10 “They answered from their Twitter account.

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