Cristiano Ronaldo’s secret training as a teenager

Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus footballer.

Fernando Santos, Portuguese coach, has revealed the ‘secret training’ of Cristiano Ronaldo when I was just a teenager. The coach told in an interview to TV1 a curious anecdote that serves to better understand why CR7 is one of the best of all time.

Cristiano is represented by ambition, desire, determination, humility, work and the realization of dreams.. It defines it very well. He shows throughout his life that the dream can come true. That a boy like him in Funchal can be a great footballer. Of course, sitting around waiting for the dream to come true will not work, ”says Santos. “The dream comes true when at 14 or 15 you cross the street with leg weights when the traffic light is amber to pass faster than cars and gain muscle mass. I think that represents Cristiano Ronaldo well ”.

Over the years, the Portuguese player has not ceased in his efforts to have a privileged physique. For this, Cristiano Ronaldo has always put a lot of effort into his personal training, which includes daily squats, push-ups, sit-ups, planks, and lower back.

All this accompanied by a privileged genetics, as explained by the Spanish coach Diego Calvo. “Cristiano is a well-known player for his commitment to physical activity and personal care, but each body is different and people are subjected to very different situations. The Portuguese has a genetic basis: it is not just a matter of lifestyle“, Explain. “Ronaldo has a mesomorphic body. Mesomorphs are designed to gain muscle, they have an athletic build. With this I do not mean that an endomorph or ectomorph cannot achieve a body similar to Cristiano’s, but they will require much more work and discipline ”.

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