Cristiano Ronaldo continues to leave clues about his scare of Juventus: a video leaks moving his cars

Cristiano Ronaldo buys a house for 7.2 million euros.

In the Juventus of Turin they do not win to disappointment this season. When last weekend it seemed that some light was glimpsed when their options to qualify for the next Champions League were rekindled, the Rumors of Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure have regained strength much to the chagrin of his fans.

The undisputed star of the Italian team has been unhappy with the team for a while and with the difficulties of Juventus to qualify for the Champions League his future keeps getting away from the club. In recent weeks there has been much speculation about his departure, especially after a few words from his mother, ensuring that he will sign for Sporting.

The Portuguese footballer has left one more clue in the last hours after the ‘PerSempreCalcio’ website has shared a video in which a moving company loads Cristiano Ronaldo’s seven cars. In fact, it was the Portuguese company ‘Roclo Cargo’ that carried out the transport.

These images have only fueled the aforementioned rumors of a possible march, with the option of Sporting, where he made the leap to professional football, gaining even more strength.

His neighbor, Luciano Saroglia, has confirmed for ‘Radio Punto Nuovo’ the veracity of the video. “When Ronaldo arrived three years ago, I saw two trucks unload cars here. Yesterday they came to pick them up, I have seen Ronaldo control everything and talk to the drivers. They didn’t do it in Italian, “he explains.

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