Coutinho and Neto, luxury spectators of Barça-Burela

The Futsal Barça he reunited with his fans in the game against Burela and in the box of the Palau there was the prominent presence of the players of the first team Philippe Coutinho and Net Murara, who are good friends of the Brazilians who are in the squad of the team of Jesus Velasco.

Coutinho and Net they were able to enjoy the futsal show with the player Andrea Falcon, who is still recovering from his injury and has not yet been able to debut this season under the orders of Jonatan Giráldez.

Through social media, the Futsal Barça thanked the support of Coutinho, Net and Falcon and shared an image in the box at the Palau along with Aureli Mas, manager responsible for the section.

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