Correa defends the leader

The virguerías of Ángel Correa once again defended the leadership of Atlético. The Argentine is sweet. With Luis Suárez and João Félix convalescing, he has assumed offensive leadership to create and score. Undetectable for your bookmarks to appear. Unbearable when swinging at the waist to twist and elevate the art of deception in tight spaces. He is full of confidence and there the talent has no limits for daring. The same is done with a spur self-pass in the center of the field that proclaims that the feint against the revolutionized defender of laps in the entrance usually ends up with him scattered on the grass, as happened to Insúa before his shot became another valuable goal after touching a Huesca defender. As before Eibar, the same psychological. On the brink of rest. Now that Atlético is playing with the oppressive pressure of their pursuers, Correa is avoiding the stress of playing against the clock against his teammates. This time he did not have to raise them as before the mental dullness they showed against Eibar.

The leader did serve as such from the beginning. Except for the first minutes, in which he was surprised by the revolution in Pacheta’s line-up, with seven new features, and on the board, a three-center system, with Mikel Rico and Sergio Gómez as lanes, Atlético ruled the game. He had an initial scare on a rebound that fell to Siovas on a lateral foul, but he was no longer in a hurry.

Two footballers, in addition to Correa, have risen above the rest in the last two games. Lodi, favored by not having to play in a defense of three centrals, returns to recover the joy that is supposed to all wingers born in Brazil. It broke by speed and by surprise, as the manuals say. He was fine even in the oriented controls to be able to display his speed. It was a nightmare for Mikel Rico, who is no longer there to endure the kind of duel he had to have with Lodi.

The other player who appears as fundamental in this final race for the championship is Herrera. In his stride, at his ungainly trot, but with pinpoint precision on long journeys towards Lodi or Trippier. On the flank of the British side, Atlético began to drill into Huesca and test Álvaro. The goalkeeper avoided with a double intervention hand in hand with Carrasco and Saúl that the rojiblancos would end the resistance of their team earlier. The presence of Rafa Mir at the top, one of the keys to the rebirth of Huesca under the direction of Pacheta, was testimonial. Faced with Herrera’s leadership, there was also some improvement in Saúl. Koke went about his business. When he does not feel important with the ball, he is used to offer himself as support in the triangulations, plugging holes piece by piece and sweeping what he can. The team thanks you and more in short-score matches.

Atlético ruled, who is penalized for only Correa being sharp when a closed defense has to be disarmed or there are no spaces to close the counterattack. He needs more from Carrasco in terms of imbalance. Together with Correa he is the most different player with the ball that Simeone now has. Llorente, this time more right winger than second striker to favor his connection with Trippier, exploited his snatches to break into space. His arreones were a work of undermining that helped undermine the defense of Eibar. If Mikel Rico suffered with Lodi, the same happened to Sergio Gómez with Llorente and the English side. It had to be Correa with that ground-breaking maneuver who opened the scoring on the brink of halftime. Spin, feint, shot and goal.

Relieved of not having to rush through the rush to dial, the leader took Act Two in stride. Herrera gives him the possibility to command in games from the ball and also to give the group a certain order around it. Koke was able to leave the rest of the afternoon for a bath and massage shortly after the resumption. Again, another maneuver by Correa in a corner left the captain in front of Álvaro. Lodi with another explosive run also demanded the goal with a low and tight shot. That he is in full flood was confirmed by one of those actions that delight Simeone out of defensive solidarity. Sandro outwitted Giménez in the area with a professor’s pipe and when he was about to execute Oblak, Lodi crossed to avoid the goal. After that first time for Siovas, this was the second time that Huesca appeared threatening in the Atlético area.

Carrasco avoided the burden of having to defend Correa’s goal until the end, but it was Llorente, with his usual determination to dispute any crumbs, who led the way. He beat Siovas the ball in front of the area with his toe and gave the goal to the Belgian to score an empty goal before Álvaro left. The goal certified the second consecutive victory for the rojiblancos. Now three consecutive away games await them (Athletic, Elche and Barcelona), where they must confirm the improvement experienced.

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