Copa del Rey final: Athletic Bilbao vs. FC Barcelona NOW in the live ticker – 0-0

FC Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao are contesting the Copa del Rey final today. Here you can follow the game in the live ticker.

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19 .: Barca keep trying on the outside, another method is to find Messi in the center about 20 meters from the penalty area. And then he goes into the sixteenth with speed, preferably with Griezmann as a play-off point.

18 .: And to say that the game is played almost exclusively in the half of Bilbao would not quite apply to the matter. It is almost exclusively kicked in and around the Basque penalty area.

Copa del Rey: Athletic Bilbao vs. FC Barcelona NOW in the live ticker – 0-0

12 .: But almost a big surprise. Bilbao free kick from the right half-field. Berenguer. Martínez in the front line of the penalty area, gets his foot into the cross, but does not bring the ball on goal. Seriously, if Bilbao had just taken the lead here, the highest degree of absurdity would have been reached.

10 .: Griezmann is sent into the penalty area by Messi, is pushed off, but can hold the ball and then lays it back on Messi, who in turn narrowly warps. Any attempt by Barca is dangerous, the game has been a single attempt so far. Bilbao was not over the center line, at least not in possession of the ball. If this continues, there will be a massacre.

9 .: You could also have given yellow. Lopez wants to thresh the ball out of the box, Busquets keeps his foot over it. It stays with conversations. And the free kick adds two ball contacts to Bilbao. That will be in two digits!

7 .: 94 percent possession, that sounds like a lot. But in the first seven minutes, Bilbao had six ball contacts. The next attempt by the Catalans, Dest dribbles into the penalty area, goes inside from the right side, closes and barely misses the goal at the right post.

4 .: Now it’s the first time after a promising combination from Barca into the box, but Griezmann is offside. The result: Two ball contacts for the Athletic Club. Bilbao is extremely low in the early stages, a few meters, and the Basques can sit in the curve. Pique with a chip in the penalty area, Messi has run in, takes the ball with his chest down, lays back on de Jong … he pushes the ball from 14 meters against the post.

The game will take place at the Estadio Olímpico de la Cartuja in Seville. It is under the direction of Juan Martinez Munuera.

Bilbao last drew four in a row, before that there was a narrow defeat against Atletico. Barca’s streak of nine games without defeat ended last weekend with the aforementioned 2-1 at Real – this game could ultimately decide the championship if neither Atletico nor Real afford slips in the remainder of the season.

Copa del Rey: Athletic Bilbao vs. FC Barcelona today in the live ticker – the lineups

The lull is amazing in that and now comes some statistics as Athletic has won this competition the most time after Barca. The Catalans’ 30 titles are matched by 23 of the Basques. Barca lost eleven times in the final, one of them against Bilbao (1932!). For Bilbao there were a total of 15 defeats in the final game. Six of them against Barca. The most recent duels (2009/12/16) were all won by Barcelona.

Bilbao won the last big titles in the 1984 season, when they even managed to win the double. But since then there has been a lull in the Basques. Especially since the final against Real Sociedad 14 days ago was lost 0-1.

The cup final of the 2019/20 season could actually have taken place on April 18, 2020. But the two Basque teams – Bilbao and Real Sociedad – had agreed not to play that final until spectators were allowed to play again. Back then, people were still optimistic.

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