Conor McGregor threatens to buy Manchester United after the resignation of its CEO by the Super League

Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor could meet again.

The world of football is living its most controversial days in recent years with all the commotion that the Super League has caused. Since its announcement last Sunday, the beautiful game has been shaken by an earthquake that has not stopped yet. After the 12 founding clubs made the creation of the tournament official, the large number of figures who protested against it, have ended up causing the collapse of the competition.

First it has been the English clubs that have decided to get off the project after the criticism received, with the Italians getting closer and closer to the position of the Premier, endangering the continuity of the Super League. In fact, such has been the caliber of this controversy that it has so far forced Manchester United CEO Ed Woodward to resign from post after nine years in the position.

This whole earthquake has caused reactions of other people’s characters to the world of football among which the UFC fighter has stood out, Conor mcgregor, for his sharp sense of humor and that this time he wanted to take advantage of to further shake up the Manchester United news.

Hey guys, I’m thinking of buying Manchester United! What do you think?“, wrote the Irish fighter on his Twitter account. A proposal that has generated a division of opinions among his followers, with some excited about the option, ensuring that” they will brush their teeth every day using their whiskey “, and many others ensuring that he does not have enough money and that he is “bored” after the downturn in his sports career.

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