Concern for Ronaldinho’s life after the death of his mother: alcohol, parties and bad company


The life of Ronaldinho took a 180 degree turn last February after his mother, Miguelina, died after spending several weeks fighting the coronavirus. Since then, the situation of the former FC Barcelona is going downhill without brakes, and from their closest environment they already express their lifestyle concern you are carrying.

Plunged into depression since losing his mother, as reported by the newspaper Extra citing friends of the former player, Ronaldinho is having alcohol problems and getting lost in the night life. “Every day at a party. Ronaldinho start drinking in the morning, vodka, whiskey, gin, and just stop drinking the next morning “, explains the Brazilian media.

However, the cited sources emphasize that this situation is not new, but it has been aggravated by the tragedy. “It is not from now, but we noticed that became more intense after the death of his mother“They add.” He had a New Year’s Eve party and everything, several friends from Rio went there because he feels very lonely in that immense place where he lives. He does barbecue, he dances, he always passes … “, they remember.

Ronaldinho has settled in his Porto Alegre Natal since a year ago he was released by Paraguayan authorities after months incarcerated in Asunción for false documents. Specifically, in a mansion that his friends describe as “a fortress with everything you need“, where he celebrates his parties in which he is joined every time worst companies.

“Ronaldinho has a huge heart and strives to be generous with his friends. But they are not all true friends and I see that a lot of damage is being done“, they point out.

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