Compensation for Zwanziger, Niersbach and Co .: Swiss summer fairy tale proceedings also formally discontinued

More than a year after the statute of limitations for the allegations, the Swiss Federal Criminal Court formally closed the criminal proceedings for the summer fairy tale scandal against three former DFB officials.

In the decision published on Friday, the criminal chamber of the court in Bellinzona spoke to ex-DFB presidents Theo Zwanziger (75) and Wolfgang Niersbach (70) as well as the former DFB general secretary and treasurer Horst R. Schmidt (79) and ex-FIFA -General Secretary Urs Linsi (Switzerland / 71) is entitled to financial compensation.

Accordingly, the four former accused received a total of around 705,000 francs (around 643,000 euros), mostly for the lawyer’s fees, as these “do not have any procedural fault with regard to the initiation or implementation of the criminal proceedings”.

In addition, the four were awarded a satisfaction of 15,000 francs (around 13,600 euros) each for “particularly serious violations of personal circumstances in connection with media coverage”. However, as private plaintiffs, the DFB and the world association FIFA are not entitled to any party compensation.

The Swiss Federal Prosecutor’s Office (BA) had accused Zwanziger, Niersbach, Schmidt and Linsi of having deceived the actual purpose of a payment of 6.7 million euros from the DFB to FIFA one year before the 2006 home World Cup. The accused had always denied the allegation. The main hearing in Bellinzona opened on March 9, 2020, but had to be interrupted eight days later due to the corona pandemic. On April 27, the statute of limitations for the allegations came into effect.

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