Comment on Joachim Löw’s EM squad: Jump over several shadows

National coach Joachim Löw jumped over several of his own shadows in his squad selection for the upcoming European Championship. That gives hope for the tournament. A comment.

Joachim Löw likes to be in the sun, this has been known for years and this is proven by a number of pictures: pictures of Jogi jogging on the beach of Campo Bahia in Brazil, Jogi driving a convertible in Freiburg’s old town or pictures of Jogi strolling on Sochi’s promenade in Russia.

On Wednesday lunchtime, when he last announced a tournament squad, another such picture was added, at least in the proverbial sense: Jogi was wearing a white shirt and, surprisingly, no sunglasses when he jumped over several shadows in a press conference room at the Frankfurt DFB headquarters .

Löw put alleged personal vanities behind in his squad selection for the European Championship in order to have the greatest chance of a conciliatory conclusion to his then 15 years as national coach. Especially in the recent past, many of his decisions seemed difficult to understand, but this 26-man squad is conclusive and, to a certain extent, an admission to its critics. It’s a sign of strength and gives hope for the tournament.

Löw bowed to the great public pressure and brought Mats Hummels (32) and Thomas Müller (31) back, whom he had sorted out at the beginning of 2019 with reference to a change. While the national team has regularly disappointed since then, Hummels shone as Dortmund’s head of defense and DFB Cup winner and Müller as Munich’s boss, assist king and sextuple winner. Hummels and Müller have earned their return and strengthen the national team both with their pure footballing qualities and with their experience.

Hummels, Müller and Volland return to the squad

In the past few years, on the other hand, the regularly convened, hardly convincing but highly esteemed Julian Draxler and Julian Brandt have rarely provided a new dimension. The fact that he did not nominate them and instead relies on unspent alternatives such as Jamal Musiala, Jonas Hofmann or Florian Neuhaus can also be seen as a leap over his own shadow.

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