Comment on how FC Bayern dealt with the rumors of farewell to Hansi Flick: Hoeneß is wrong

Ironically, those responsible at FC Bayern are silent on the simmering debate about the premature departure of triple trainer Hansi Flick in the summer towards the national coaching office suspiciously. The matter is now so explosive that Uli Hoeneß in particular is wrong and a clear commitment by the Bayern bosses to their head coach would have been necessary for a long time. A comment.

At the beginning of February it was not yet clear that Joachim Löw would resign as national coach after 15 years after the EM in the summer, but nevertheless after an interview with DFB director Oliver Bierhoff in the Sports picture Rumors about Bayern coach Hansi Flick as a possible successor made the rounds, the current and former FC Bayern officials reacted downright indignantly.

It is “completely crazy” to even think about leaving the glorious FCB as a coach for the DFB, rumored Honorary President Uli Hoeneß in the Bavarian Broadcasting. After all, the national team is “not exactly the dream of all sleepless nights”.

And CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge even described Bierhoff as “disloyal” because he had confirmed that the name Flick played a role in his thoughts on a successor to Löw (“I would be crazy if I excluded that.”).

“Not at all an issue” is that the German record champions Flick will be released from the contract that runs until 2023 for the benefit of the DFB. “We will not solve the problems of the DFB”, stated Rummenigge. The discussion and the rumors, they seemed to have vanished in the face of such clear words.

FC Bayern avoids a clear commitment to Flick in the DFB case

But then March 9th came and with it the announcement of the DFB that Löw would resign from the office of national coach after the EM. A message with a bang effect. The first names quickly made the rounds about the possible successor – and of course Flick was once again on every candidate list. And not only that.

After the unmistakable refusals of Jürgen Klopp and Julian Nagelsmann, Flick is considered the top favorite to succeed Löw. Because of his DFB past, because he himself avoided a clear rejection several times, because a collaboration between the club-free expert Ralf Rangnick and Bierhoff seems more than unlikely and because a dispute between Flick and sports director Hasan Salihamidzic is smoldering in Munich, from which more and more explosive details are emerging invade the public.

Now, given the outrage in February, one would expect a clear announcement from the Bayern bosses, who were never too good to shoot in the direction of the DFB (see Hoeneß ‘angry speech in 2019 in the goalkeeper debate). A public commitment to the coach who had led a team with little title in all respects to the greatest possible success of the sextuple within 16 months. Or a power word that Flick has to stay with.

Instead, there is silence or rather open reluctance. According to board member Oliver Kahn, who is in the kicker In view of the speculation about a future national coach Flick referred to the current contract until 2023. And while Rummenigge, presumably Flick’s biggest supporter in the club, is currently silent on the subject, Hoeneß wanted to join Sky say nothing because he was afraid that it would “fuel the discussion”.

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