Comment on Carlo Ancelotti’s return to Real Madrid: Coziness instead of departure

After Zidane’s resignation, Real Madrid brings back feel-good dad Carlo Ancelotti. The Italian is not the right person for a change. A comment.

April 19 of this year was a “strange day” for Carlo Ancelotti. The reason: Twelve clubs officially announced that night that they wanted to compete against each other in a so-called Super League. At first he thought this was a “joke”, said Ancelotti, who was in office as Everton coach at the time, a few days later, when the elite competition was over again. “These twelve clubs were wrong. They didn’t think about it,” Ancelotti’s clear conclusion.

A few weeks later, Ancelotti was hired by Real Madrid, one of the three main drivers. When the signs of the Italian’s return to the royal family, who had mercilessly put him out of the door in 2015, condensed, it also seemed like a joke at first. Ancelotti, the nice Papa Carlo, is supposed to help the staggering world club to regain fame? A scenario that is difficult to imagine.

The signing of the veteran coach makes it look like President Florentino Perez is treading the easiest of all paths. Instead of letting a fresh, success-hungry coach take the helm, he relies on the old, cozy fur seal, who in recent years has not necessarily appeared as a great modernizer or innovator. Ancelotti no longer stands for new beginnings or upheavals.

But that is exactly what would be needed in Madrid. The top performers of the golden era are getting on in years, in the recent past a lot of money has been spent on expensive players like Eden Hazard, who later turned out to be extremely overpriced extras. For Kylian Mbappe or Erling Haaland, two promising stars who are repeatedly associated with a move to Real, the necessary money is missing.

Real Madrid: Ancelotti creates a lovely feel-good atmosphere

That trait may have been helpful when he took up his first term at Los Blancos in 2013 after the special, polarizing Jose Mourinho left. At that time, however, Real still had the individual class of a Cristiano Ronaldo or Gareth Bale. In Munich, where he followed Pep Guardiola in 2016, however, his looseness was more of a downfall. Lax training sessions caused displeasure among Bayern players, with the leading players in particular opposing him.

Perez would have preferred Inter-championship coach Antonio Conte or PSG coach Mauricio Pochettino to the Bernabeu instead of Ancelotti, and club legend Raul was also traded as Zizou’s successor. Allegedly, Conte made too high demands, Pochettino now seems to want to stay in Paris, Raul was obviously not (yet) trusted with the big task. Ancelotti will not make great demands, that certainly fits Perez, who likes to mimic the sole ruler and does not care much for demanding, strong rivals. Very convenient.

June 1st of this year was a strange day. It was the day when Real, completely surprising, brought back a coach who stands for comfort instead of departure.

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