Clermont Foot 63 condemns several racist messages towards its players on social networks

Clermont foot
Several Clermont Foot 63 players had received racist messages on social networks since the beginning of April.

Several players from Clermont Foot 63, a Ligue 2 club, were targeted in April via racist messages on social networks. Their club announced that legal proceedings had been launched.

The Auvergne club indicates that one of its professional players received, on Saturday April 10, private messages of a racist nature on the social network Instagram. Four days later, another player was targeted via a xenophobic comment detected on the club’s Facebook page, in response to a post highlighting the arrival of four young players at the training center. “These odious behaviors are intolerable. Clermont Foot 63 wishes to make it known that it reported the authors of these messages to the Facebook group as soon as the messages were observed and that legal proceedings were launched with and in support of the players concerned”, underline the communicated of the club.

Clermont Foot 63 “continues its fight, alongside the Professional Football League, against hate messages on social networks and against all forms of discrimination (racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, etc.)”, the statement continued. “Racism is an abomination, totally contrary to the values ​​of the club and of football. It must not have its place on the pitches, in the stands and in our society”, concludes the club.

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