Claudia Villafañe, Maradona’s ex-wife, charges his lawyer: “Diego was kidnapped”

Claudia Villafañe and Diego Armando Maradona pose with their daughters.

Claudia Villafañe, wife of Diego Maradona between 1989 and 2003 and mother of Dalma and Gianinna, said Tuesday that the soccer star had been “kidnapped” by his lawyer Matías Morla.

Villafañe telephoned América, a news channel on which Mauricio D’Alessandro, Morla’s lawyer, was identified, who is pointed out by the family as one of the main responsible for the crime. Maradona’s death, on November 25 due to a cardiorespiratory arrest at age 60.

“He wants to make me look like the bad guy in the movie and the truth is I’m not, he (D’Alessandro) knows it. He’s defending a person who had Diego kidnapped. I can’t keep listening to the atrocities they are saying“said Villafañe.

Maradona’s ex-wife said she had a good relationship with the world champion, despite the judicial confrontation that they had for economic reasons.

I was angry in a file but later he would see me and hug me and dance with me, but you didn’t know. I did speak with Diego, although we did not make it public and we had lawsuits involved. We knew how to divide everything very well, “he explained.

Villafañe said that Morla and members of the medical team who cared for Maradona “have” a “social condemnation” after the broadcast of some audios in which Maximiliano Pomargo, Maradona’s assistant and Morla’s brother-in-law, asks to prevent Maradona from being hospitalized or cared for by Gianinna Maradona.

Don’t let Gianinna take it. You have to take care of that. If he goes to Gianinna’s, we lose him. Because everyone’s work depends on this. The work of many people depend on me. Don’t worry, if I manage to get out of it, there is money for everyone, “says Pomargo in the audios released this Saturday by the Infobae website.

“Let whoever has to pay pay and let whoever has to go go to prison. There must be guilty, this did not happen like that because like that“said Villafañe, who also maintained that he was in charge of the wake of his ex-partner at the request of the family.

“I did not make any decision that was not approved by the family, the sisters and the children. I did not do anything that was not supported by Diego’s five children that day, the family and the sisters,” he said.

Seven people from Maradona’s medical team are investigated by the Justice. This is the neurosurgeon Leopoldo Luque, designated as the family doctor, the psychiatrist Agustina Cosachov, the psychologist Carlos Díaz, the doctor Nancy Forlini, the nurse coordinator Mariano Perroni and the nurses Ricardo Almirón and Dahiana Gisela Madrid.

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