Chilling clash in the Premier League that leaves goalkeeper Rui Patricio unconscious on the grass

The goalkeeper Rui Patricio, unconscious on the ground

Huge scare that the fans of the Premier league this Monday, in the final minutes of the match between Wolverhampton and Liverpool at the Molineux Stadium. It was the 87th minute when the ‘red’ team attacked seeking the sentence, when after a hand to hand between Salah and local goalkeeper Rui Patricio, he collided with a defender and fell slumped on the floor.

Despite the fact that in the first instance few warned of the danger of the crash, as the seconds went by the doorman didn’t seem to move. It was there when several players and the referee were alerted and requested the entry of medical assistance, who were more than ten minutes attending the footballer, before the growing nervousness in the stadium.

Patrick was finally evacuated from the lawn on a stretcher, with the neck immobilized and with oxygen, as established in the Premier League protocol, established in recent months in the face of the danger of this type of situation. This also indicates that in the case of a concussion like this, the team can make one more change, so substitute goalkeeper Ruddy ended up entering to end a game that lasted until 107.

Fortunately, the club later confirmed that Rui Patricio is in “well and aware“. “It’s fine. He is fully aware and remembers everything that has happened. It was a collision with Coady’s knee to the head, but we’ve already talked to him and he’s fine. When it comes to a blow to the head it is always worrisome, but he is fine and he will recover, “said coach Nuno for Sky Sports.

Fear dominated Molineux twice, as many remembered what happened last November with the team’s star striker, Raul Jimenez, what had to be operated on for a skull fracture after a clash in the duel against Arsenal, for which he hasn’t played again yet.

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