Chelsea – Real Madrid memes: from Zidane’s changes, Hazard’s laughs or Sergio Ramos’ state

Zidane vs.  Dark Zidane, one of the Chelsea-Real Madrid memes

The Real Madrid fell eliminated by the Chelsea And, if it were the memes, it is clear who the culprits are.

Zidane, Hazard, Vinicius and above all Sergio Ramos They have been crudely pointed out by tweeters, who with a certain sarcasm have also left their particular analysis. They were especially critical of the attitude of several players, but in general Real Madrid were as tired or more tired than their own players.

There was no shortage of allusions to Hazard’s laughter with his former Chelsea teammates.

Case apart deserves Sergio Ramos. The captain of Real Madrid He was one of the great noted, both seriously and in jest. On this last point, the center-back was harshly criticized not only for his general condition, but for his mistakes in this match.

Ramos has barely played this year due to the injury that made him undergo surgery, and despite that, Zidane has had him as a starter for this game.

Unlike other games, this time there was little desire to make jokes on the part of the white fans.

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