Chelsea forces to resign to Madrid

Mount finishes off Pulisic's center under the gaze of Courtois, Militao and Ramos.

In London there was no discussion. The final in Istanbul was won by the best: Chelsea. A little resounding team for the goal, but with a bite and legs that Real Madrid does not have today. If at Di Stéfano he managed to mask something the initial superiority of Tuchel’s men, at Stamford Bridge only an overwhelming Chelsea in the game gave him something of life almost until the end. The blue Rather than riddle Courtois, they shot themselves in the foot, occasion after occasion, after occasion. The gap between the two was clamorous and Real did not give for the miracle. In Turkey, on May 29, another universal party for the Premier: Manchester City-Chelsea. Pep Guardiola will be there 10 years later. And there will be Tuchel, in his second consecutive final after which he left a course with PSG ago.

Zidane had courage. Audacious to film Sergio Ramos and Mendy, two rescued from the waiting room of the infirmary. And Hazard, still walking after so much physical misfortune. And, of course, the French coach did not lack the courage to test Vinicius as a long-distance winger. A big bet. The Brazilian, in a position as orthopedic as it was embarrassing, was neither lateral nor had he traveled. Madrid lacked as much fearlessness as its coach. It happens that Chelsea is one of those teams that penalizes any birle, any setback.

Dumbfounded, Real had plenty of fiddling with the ball between the centrals. There were more focuses on Militão and Nacho than on Modric and Kroos. And some scattered, like Mendy, adventurous as an extreme, out of his usual environment. Bad signs.

The Spanish team could not find a way to clear the first barricade of their opponent. The losses were perpetuated, the bargain that players like Werner, Havertz, Mount are looking for … The latter already put Courtois on the alert, who resolved with his feet. And Werner missed a goal for lack of application. The German, as confused as in the first leg, slipped offside with the entire observatory in favor. Only Benzema replied, with a warped shot that deflected the local Mendy wonderfully. A mirage. The game had been buckled by Chelsea. The champagne was missing. Kanté was missing.

The Frenchman, a footballer who wears a whole field in his boots, was strangely off. The player who is on all sides was nowhere. But his time has come. Little Kanté caught fire, pulled the chain out of Casemiro himself, and put Havertz into orbit. The German’s bite against Courtois bounced off the crossbar and Werner, slumped under the crossbar, holed with his bangs. The most basic goal of his career. Again, on his own, Benzema, a magnificent head of a Modric center, gave a warning. No less great was Mendy’s stop. Despite Benzema’s two loose verses, Madrid gave more the feeling of waiting for their moment than looking for it. A risk against an opponent who does not crack from behind or from shots. Especially if you have no threats. They were not caused by the stunned Vinicius, forced into battles that are unnatural to him: the shock, the friction, the fights … Ideal for Chelsea and for Chilwell, his jailer and the weakest of the blue behind. Nor was the inconsequential Hazard funny.

There was no one who plugged the Real. Anyone activated Chelsea, but it is not a set that flirts with the goal. It is a trip to Mars. Not even when he unleashes that supersonic football. Back from the break, Havertz headed the crossbar, Mount missed a clear shot into the second amphitheater and Havertz himself had a world out of his fencing duel with Courtois. There are many crucial interventions by the Belgian with his feet, as impressive for the opponents as his endless arms. The same happened to the priceless Kanté, defeated by Valverde when he faced Courtois. Chelsea did not finish off, who on the perimeter of Courtois imagined crocodiles. His indefiniteness before the visiting goal gave relief to Real, more sustained by the rival offensive laziness than by his strength.

Nothing altered the changes of Zidane, with thread for Asensio, Valverde and Rodrygo. Madrid stayed alive until the end with three scaffolds, the enemy blank, the scoreboard and that planetary legend. It did not reach him. Another outburst of Kanté, the emperor of the tie, led to Mount 2-0. Europe lowered the blind to Madrid after a tie in which it was never superior to Chelsea. Of the four times, in three, except in the balanced second act of Valdebebas, the London box had him against the ropes. Goodbye to the Champions League. It will not be the Super League, but Real will do well to focus what remains of the League. That it is not small game, whatever they say.

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