Chelsea FC allows fan representatives to attend board meetings

Chelsea FC literally wants to open the door to its supporters after the massive criticism of its Super League plans. As Thomas Tuchel’s club announced on Tuesday, three fan advisors will take part in the board meetings at the beginning of the coming season.

The aim is to “ensure that the general mood of the fans is taken into account as part of the club’s decision-making process”. Chelsea will now consult with the fan forum and several unofficial fan groups to discuss the club’s proposed process for selecting the three fan advisors.

The criteria for the nominations, as well as the final selection, would “ensure that fan presence is representative of our fan base in general and that it is inclusive and diverse”. The selection is made again before the start of each season.

The selected representatives should be subject to the same confidentiality obligations as a regular board member at the Londoners, but they do not receive voting rights and remain without access to meetings with players or staff.

Participation in around four sessions per season is planned. “If you complete the year you will be eligible to select a UK-registered charity that will receive a donation of £ 2,500 from the club,” said Chelsea.

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