Champion’s suffering

Visceral, at the top of their lungs, with no other objective than to stamp Real Sociedad from the start, Atlético sealed a victory with the air of a League champion, although they suffered the final suffering of the house brand with a goal from Zubeldia with eight minutes to go . A fool who should not have suffered from having been finer before Remiro.

The ambitious Atlético was deployed in the opposite field, without room for speculation, with the only command to steal and attack, and Simeone’s footballers have positioned themselves one step away from the title. His victory throws Barcelona by the wayside, separated by four points with only six left to play. Whatever Madrid does in its visit to Granada, Atlético can be proclaimed champion on Sunday if they defeat Osasuna and their neighbor does not win in Bilbao.

The leader understood that he was facing the great opportunity to give an almost definitive blow to the championship. And he did not hesitate to tip it. His start of the game was a gale. In 10 minutes, he had already riddled Remiro with four shots and had reduced the attractive proposal of the Real to nothing. That volcanic football outing was a showcase for the infinite revolutions of Marcos Llorente, for Correa’s street science and the profession and teaching of Luis Suárez. The Uruguayan old dog, who did not collapse because he lacked the courage to control a frank ball in the area instead of volleying it. Every move was a threat. Like every filtered pass by Correa, who in one of them left Marcos Llorente hand in hand with Remiro. The steering wheel ignored Suárez, who to his right yelled that he was to push the ball. Nor did Llorente’s excess of selfishness affect Llorente. Soon he put a balloon to Carrasco, who lazily inhabited the area getting out of the game. He sewed a control and a toe that slipped between Remiro’s legs. A seen and not seen for the goal and also for the tender Sagnan, who swallowed the entire maneuver of the Belgian.

Suárez failures

In less than a quarter of an hour the Real already counted a few shreds and a goal against. Atlético did not let Imanol’s team unfold. Of course, when he was able to link passes he showed that with the ball he is one of the best teams in the championship. A raid by Zaldúa ended up culminating Isak with a meek shot at the hands of Oblak. With the goal in favor, the rojiblancos seemed to perform in controlled spasms. They seemed to retreat, but they sucked in air and launched themselves again under fierce pressure. Or they were used in the duels for the second plays as if it were the last. And one of them fell to Suárez. In his race to the area he gave him to put the hips and shape himself to launch Correa against Remiro. As the Argentine is a corner player, he put the ball flat, crossed and to the far corner of Remiro. Eight points adds the Argentine, a decisive footballer in what may be Atlético’s second league in seven years. He has distributed both art and sacrifice. In the worst moments of his team he has been one of the most lucid, even though he was penalized on some clear occasions that he failed to hole out.

With a two-goal lead, Oblak also recalled that in winning the championship he will have had a lot to say. La Real captured one of those elaborate plays that distinguish it to bring the ball to Isak. This time the Swede finished tight and violently to the right post. And there the flight of Oblak emerged to put the mitten and deflect the blow to the stick. The intervention earned Atlético to line up the break with the advantage of two goals with a football that gave off the air of a champion.

With the memory of what had happened to Barcelona the day before, Simeone’s footballers did not slow down. They maintained the pressure and the ambition to continue drilling the Real in each robbery in the opposite field and in each counterattack that they could deploy when the remove was on their own ground. He lacked a better foot in the last meters to sign a thrashing. Suárez confirmed that he was still at odds with the goal. First Koke and then Llorente met him with Remiro, but it was not the Uruguayan’s night.

In the midst of those rojiblancas occasions, Portu forced Oblak with a chopped finish. The realist also found himself with the stick and Savic avoided both by covering the rejection that Bautista collected. The luck of the champion already seemed to opt for Atlético, although Zubeldia’s goal almost buried her.

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