Champions League, voices and reactions – Thomas Müller quarrels: “If it goes 6: 3 …”

FC Bayern suffered a bitter 3-2 defeat in the first leg of the Champions League round of 16 against PSG. Afterwards, the actors criticized their own exploitation of chances, especially Thomas Müller went hard with himself in court.

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… the usury of opportunities: “We have to score a lot more goals. Of course you can always discuss goals against us. But I think if it goes 6-3 for us, nobody can complain. But well, that’s the way it is now, now we have the egg put in the nest ourselves. And now we have to chase after the residue, of course. “

… the many goals conceded: “We haven’t allowed that much. If we show the killer instinct here, which often sets us apart, then we would certainly have seen a completely different game. That you can never completely switch off this offensive in Paris is that It’s also clear. And that we didn’t do very well when we conceded goals, that’s mostly the case. We have an offensive approach, that’s why we score a lot of goals, that’s why we win a lot of games and today we missed a lot of great chances . “

… his own game: “I would have a huge chance at least in the first half, which I did not convert. We have to touch our own noses up front. I think we are convinced that we can go further.”

FC Bayern Munich 2-3 Paris Saint-Germain

… Hansi Flick’s future: “First of all, I don’t know and secondly, there is no place for it here today. We saw a huge and wild game today. And I think that’s more for the boulevard. We’ve been talking about such topics for weeks, today it’s about the Champions League . “

… the result: “In the end we didn’t score enough goals and unfortunately we got too many. I’ve seen the statistics, it’s amazing. On another day we will definitely score five and six. It’s very, very bitter, it was a great one Fight. “

… the game against the old team: “I was really happy to see the guys again, but I’m happy and proud to be at Bayern Munich now. The disappointment outweighs the fact that we didn’t do that today. It’s not over yet, we’ll have another chance in a week , that just returned. It was a bitter defeat for the Bayern fan and for us personally too. “

… his short chat with Mbappe: “It was all about how the family is doing, how mine is doing, how his is. And that we will meet again in a week.”

… the game: “We would have liked to have had a different result. With the scoring chances that we had, it could have been a different result. But we are satisfied with the way we played football. The way we played football was great. The team never gave up up. Compliment. “

… his future: “I don’t know yet. I haven’t made up my mind, but it shouldn’t be in the foreground in the next few weeks. It’s about getting as far as possible in the Champions League.”

… the game: “That was a good first step. Here you have to win first, we did it. But today you saw the quality of Bayern, it will be a very, very tough second leg.”

… his future at PSG: “That remains to be seen. My contract is running out. Right now we have a lot of important games and then we will see that later.”

… the game: “It was the best game we could play in the face of so many injuries. Kylian Mbappe makes the difference. It’s a very positive result for us but it’s all open.”

… the game: “The result is excellent. It was a tough game against a strong FC Porto, which is difficult to play. They have good individual skills, are a proud and emotional club. There were many moments where we had to suffer, but we have it Accepted. Circumstances are a little different when you’re in the last eight. In a few moments it was a good game, in a few moments we suffered and the precision was poor, but the spirit was good. “

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