Champions League: UEFA decides to reform CL from 2024 – Ceferin tackles “liar” Agnelli

Despite the excitement surrounding the creation of the Super League, UEFA has decided to reform the Champions League from the 2024/25 season. UEFA President Alexander Ceferin used the presentation of the new Champions League reform to take action against the planned Super League.

UEFA President Alexander Ceferin was furious during the presentation of the Champions League reform and violently attacked the founders of the planned Super League. “I was a criminal defense lawyer and met a lot of weird people. But I never experienced anything like that as a criminal defense lawyer. Greed is so strong that human values ​​are vanishing,” said the UEFA boss. He was particularly interested in Juve boss Andrea Agnelli: “Agnelli lied in my face. HE is the biggest disappointment. Everyone agreed to the reform on Friday. Agnelli, Gazidis (Arsenal, editor’s note), Woodward (Manchester United, editor’s note) and Real Madrid. “

Ceferin over …

… the plans of the 12 breakaway clubs to form a new Super League outside of UEFA: “The Super League is all about money. About money for the twelve. Solidarity does not exist for some people. For them there is only what is in their pockets. But UEFA is developing football. The Super League plans are a slap in the face for any football fan. Not only are they tarnishing the values ​​of football, but the values ​​of society.

... the founders of the Super League: “I was a criminal defense lawyer and met a lot of strange people. But I never experienced anything like that as a criminal defense lawyer.”

Ceferin: “There are snakes around us”

… whether clubs and players could possibly already be excluded from the current Champions League season or the European Championship, said the UEFA boss: “We are still evaluating the situation with our lawyers, so it is a little early to give the answer.”

… Juventus boss, ECA president and Super League vice president Andrea Agnelli: “I called Agnelli on Saturday when I heard the rumors. He said, ‘Don’t worry, these are just rumors, I’ll be in touch in an hour.’ Then his cell phone was off. Some of them change their minds like others change their underwear. “

… the CL reform: “It’s a great project. The competition is going on. With or without the clubs.”

… whether there could be a way back for the renegades. “There’s nothing personal here. It’s only personal with Agnelli because I know him better. But I’m not saying you can never return. I would say, ‘Welcome to a great project.”

The new mode of the Champions League provides for an increase from the current 32 to 36 participants from 2024. In future, the competition will be played in the so-called “Swiss model”. Accordingly, each club plays ten group games against ten opponents drawn on the basis of a seeding list.

From this, an overall table of the 36 teams is determined, on the basis of which the eight best-placed teams move directly into the knockout round. The teams in positions nine to 24 play off the other participants in the knockout round in playoffs.

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