Champions League, round of 16: Voices and reactions to Gladbach – ManCity and Atalanta – Real Madrid

After the bankruptcy against Manchester City, the Gladbachers praise the class of the opponent. At Atalanta Bergamo, on the other hand, they rage about the early red card in the defeat against Real Madrid. The voices and reactions to the Champions League round of 16.

… about the game: “It was an absolutely top team that we had to play and fight. We felt that and it was clear to us beforehand. We wanted to be courageous and tried that out from behind. In the first half we didn’t have the simple depth Found, but still relatively well defended and not allowed as much. We get two identical goals in situations that we discussed earlier. It’s just incredibly difficult against them at the moment. “

… about Borussia’s offensive actions: “The guys forgot to find the simple depth here and there because they concentrated on other tasks. We had a few actions in the beginning that could have been more dangerous. But against this team, as it is currently on, we have to everything to achieve a goal. “

… about the game: “We played against an excellent team, defended passionately and marched against the ball a lot. We weren’t brave enough in possession of the ball and we made a few mistakes with the stick. We chalked up a lot, which we did, but then earned lost.”

… about the foals’ offensive actions: “There were always small pass windows that were open, but then the pass didn’t come right. In the decisive third we made the wrong decisions and then of course it would be difficult against such a team.”

Borussia Mönchengladbach – Manchester City 0-2

… about the game: “It was very difficult. It was difficult to attack, but our high pressing was good. Our one-on-one and decision-making were not good, however, in the last third it was two-on-one or one-on-one not good enough. There aren’t many opportunities to score goals in this competition. “

… about the game: “It was a good game. We controlled the pace and didn’t make any stupid mistakes. It’s good that we conceded no goals and went home with two away deaths. But we have to stay focused for the second leg.”

… about the defensive strength of the citizens: “The defense is the key to winning competitions. We are very happy with how good we are and that everyone helps each other. To be secure is very important to be successful.”

… about the game: “I wanted a more open game. We started off well with some good moves. We defended well and almost brought home the 0-0, but eleven against eleven would have been more entertaining. We were in the final minutes, we just had to bring the result home. But we conceded a goal with Mendy’s right foot. It’s a bit strange, almost a coincidence. It’s a shame. People talk about the absent but we still have immense quality in the squad . “

… about the chances in the second leg: “I think we did a really good job of keeping the game so open and putting ourselves in a position where we can turn it around in the second leg. It’s not impossible.”

… about the game: “We fought to the end. It is difficult to play against Real Madrid – especially when you only play with ten men. Even with one man less, we created some interesting chances. Once we have survived the first pressing, we have rooms to play in so that we can hurt them in Madrid. “

Lars Stindl (Gladbach) …

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