Champions League reform: Group of top clubs apparently agree on a plan for the Super League

Shortly before the reform of the Champions League is implemented, plans for a Super League are apparently taking shape again. It would be a horror scenario for many parties.

Aleksander Ceferin and his UEFA colleagues were fine-tuning the final details of the “new” Champions League in front of the picturesque idyll of Lake Geneva when the bombshell suddenly exploded in European football.

Shortly before the much-discussed reform of the premier class is implemented, plans for a Super League are apparently taking shape again. Corresponding media reports coincide with SID information.

The foundation is probably imminent – a horror scenario for the European Football Union (UEFA). Allegedly, twelve clubs are said to have already signed a corresponding letter of intent, and it could start in 2022.

When UEFA implements its new mode for the first time in 2024, numerous elite clubs could be missing. “If this is true, it will have a huge impact on the game. A huge one,” commented England football idol Gary Lineker via Twitter on the rumors.

FC Bayern and PSG probably against Super League

For the European Football Union (UEFA), the plans come at an inopportune time. The Champions League reform planned for 2024 should actually prevent such outbreaks of elite clubs. In Germany, the ideas of a Super League have so far not met with much approval. The fans, the league itself and even the top clubs that might benefit from it had so far strictly opposed it.

The English Premier League made a clear statement of rejection on Sunday. You condemn any proposal that attacks the principle of achievement and the principle of open competition. According to a statement, the overall attractiveness of football will suffer from a Super League.

FIFA had already joined the discussion in January and jumped aside UEFA with the threat of a ban beam. Such a competition would not be recognized, the world association announced at the time: “Clubs or players who would take part in such a competition are therefore not allowed to take part in any competition organized by FIFA or the respective confederation.”

In other words: For the players of Super League clubs, for example, world and European championships would be taboo in the future. But some clubs do not seem to see this as an insurmountable hurdle. After all, numerous financially strong sponsors are already showing interest in a Super League, and clubs can expect additional income in the three-digit million range if they participate.

The founders want a competition with 16 permanent members and four qualifiers. The clubs would be divided into two groups of 10, with the four best teams in each group qualifying for the knockout phase. Only the final should probably take place on the weekend.

Super League: Numerous sponsors with interest

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