Champions League: “Not an easy draw for PSG, but for Bayern either”, analyzes Éric Roy

PSG - bayern
The draw designated defending Bayern Munich as PSG’s next opponent in the Champions League quarter-finals. According to Éric Roy, consultant France TV Sport, this draw does not suit either of the two teams, and the most difficult could be to face Manchester City in the semi-finals. He also looks back on the other confrontations to come.

Can we speak of a bad draw for PSG?
Eric Roy:
It’s not the easiest draw. It is obvious that PSG would have preferred to shoot another opponent, but so did Bayern. To go to the end and win the Champions League, you have to beat great teams. None are invincible. Paris can win, but the workforce will have to be complete, with a fit Neymar. Last year, PSG were very lucky in the draws. With opponents like Atalanta or Leipzig, luckily they made it to the final. There, they will be faced with adversity quickly, and it will be a good telling for the future.

Bayern have been undefeated for 19 Champions League appearances. Does PSG still have its chances?
Bayern can count on a very strong team, a striker who scores a lot of goals, and a great goalkeeper (Neuer manual). But if we compare the numbers, I think that PSG have better individualities, except that they do not all play together, while Munich is a team that plays its football, has automatisms. In the final last year, Bayern proved superior and stifled the Parisian individualities. Afterwards, the PSG is able to sublimate itself in the big meetings. Bayern still take a lot of goals and concede chances. His defense is not comprehensive insurance.

A prediction for this match?
I’m still very chauvinistic, so I think and hope that PSG will qualify. But I do not hide the fact that we will have to show a much better face than against Barcelona in the second leg, Nantes in Ligue 1, and even Lille in the Coupe de France.

The winning team between PSG and Bayern will meet the winner of the Manchester City-Borussia Dortmund clash in the semi-finals. Is this a good year for Manchester City?
Yes it’s possible. I think City was the worst draw, I made it my scarecrow. Guardiola’s team is on a very good dynamic, able to play in several systems to foil the opponent, with very good players. She’s very strong with the ball, and runs a lot. I tend to say that City take the ball at kick-off and return it to the dressing room at the end of the game. It is also the best defense in the English league. Erling Haaland is a very high level player, but Dortmund’s collective is inferior to Manchester City’s. Even if he scores goals, I think it won’t be enough, a bit like against PSG last year.

Liverpool, winner in 2019, will meet Real Madrid, who have not won the Champions League since 2018. What opposition can we expect?
It will be a very open double confrontation, with on the one hand a team in the process of healing, which gradually recovers vital strength, Liverpool, and on the other a Real always a little inconstant, that we feel at the end. racing, but which always wakes up in great moments. The Madrileños know how to be good when it is necessary, they know how to manage the key moments, when the pressure is important. It makes for a very exciting game, undecided, and one wonders who will come out on top. Real will need a great Benzema to achieve his goal of winning everything. He’s been decisive in recent weeks, he’s the team’s star striker. It is better year after year. Now that he’s no longer overshadowed by Ronaldo, he has more responsibility, needs to score more goals, and he’s doing it beautifully.

Porto knocked down Juventus in the round of 16 (2-1, 2-3). Can the Portuguese repeat the feat against Chelsea?
Porto are a very difficult team to play, very aggressive, who run a lot. His trainer (Sérgio Conceiçao) is very invested, and he transmits all his energy to his team. There might still be a surprise there, but you still have to take into account that Chelsea are a very difficult team to beat, especially since Tuchel arrived. But Porto can be a fake good draw.

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