Celta wins their first game and puts Levante in check

Iago Aspas celebrates Celta’s first goal.Biel Aliño / EFE

Among the various problems that can be identified in the Spanish League, there is one that has to do with the increasing training of team technicians. The strategy derived from the analysis of the rivals has been sophisticated in such a way that the games, not so long ago entertaining and full of footballing joy in their staging, have become complex chess games. The slate is imposed on fantasy and so it happens that teams with wickers to prepare creative and pleasant evenings, such as Levante or Celta, prepare matches like the one they played in the City of Valencia.

Celta won (0-2) a competitive duel. And it would be unfair to conclude that it was all boring. There was intensity, the rival was litigated and pressured, there were robberies, transitions and good technical gestures were executed. But at halftime the statistical count warned about what was happening there: no one had shot at the door. Perhaps it was the lack of habit, but when, five minutes after the restart, Roger Martí found himself with the goal from the front in the small area, and the goalkeeper Dituro sold, his shot went incredibly high. The next option was Iago Aspas. He made a target. They were 65 minutes without shooting at the door, without emotion in the areas. And you can paint the blackboard in colors that what the viewer will do, after all who is holding this little theater, is to pass the draft.

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I raised
Daniel Cárdenas, Mustafi, Róber (De Frutos, min. 72), Vezo, Radoja (Dani Gómez, min. 72), Pablo Martínez (Gonzalo Melero, min. 72), Franquesa, Miramón (Alejandro Cantero, min. 85), Pepelu (Nikola Vukcevic, min. 77), Morales and Roger
Matías, Néstor Araújo, Murillo, Javi Galán, Hugo Mallo, Brais (Okay Yokuslu, min. 87), Renato Tapia (Nolito, min. 45), Fran Beltrán, Franco Cervi (Denis Suárez, min. 45), Santi Mina and Aspas (Carlos Domínguez, min. 76)
0-1 min. 65: Blades. 0-2 min. 84: Brais.
Jorge Figueroa Vazquez
Renato Tapia (min. 3), Roger (min. 8), Miramón (min. 58), Aspas (min. 68) and De Frutos (min. 88)

The game woke up conditioned by the precedents because after five days neither Levante nor Celta had won. And that winning drought is next to the urgency. Also, if things don’t flow, be cautious. In that wandering each one bet to exploit their strengths. Celta wanted it to be played in their rival’s field. Levante did not care either: they wanted spaces to surprise the counter. Celta knew it, so he risked just enough in his connections, attacked, but well covered. The fear made him be patient in the construction and the Levante settled down to wait for him and become strong, with a rear line of five men, before the succession of passes in their domains.

Coudet made decisions at halftime. He withdrew from the game Cervi and Tapia, who started the championship in a diesel version and had also been charged with a yellow card for the four minutes of the game. Nolito and Denis Suárez entered, but Celta did not improve. He marked, yes, in a Róber error in driving, an inaccuracy that triggered a response that found Aspas outlined to bring out his left foot.

The party started again. One of those contemporary penalties that few understand was immediately pointed out. He punished Aspas after a dubious control by Roger Martí in the area that the VAR did not seem to check. The launch of the Levante striker was rejected, feline, by goal Dituro. Celta then kept the treasure, who called a third central while Levante gave him up. Until a new error from the Levante behind, now in clearance, was exploited by Brais Méndez with a feint and a definition that invite hope because there are slates, but there is plenty of talent.

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