Celta punishes a Levante unable to close the season

Levante accumulates four consecutive defeats, which has not managed to close its permanence in the category and remains anchored in the 38 points, insufficient to be saved. In Balaídos he fell to a rival who went further and who even fought against injuries to several of his pillars. Tapia, Aspas and Murillo ended up injured, but Celta added the points. It does not seem likely that he will give him to reach seventh place and enter European competition, but he has already taken a step forward compared to the last campaigns, agonizing until the epilogue.

Levante started with the spirit of those who seek victory and need to believe in it, with the encouragement of the team that after adding 6 points out of 24 feels that enough is enough, that they do not want to look down because what they showed during the rest of the year does not deserve that kind of vision. He pressed and looked around the local area because there are still the indecisions of his centrals, eternal ballast of Celta. He was driven by ambition, especially that of Álex Cantero, a young debutante who started out not shy, strong, fast, prolific in unchecking.

Levante was seen, yes, but Celta just entered the game. He did it as soon as he adjusted to recover the ball high up. By the way he played away from his defense. And he called on talent, for example Denis Suárez, who made a stellar appearance to leave only Iago Aspas against goalkeeper Cárdenas. The international striker wanted to live up to his teammate’s monumental pass with a baroque definition, but the goalkeeper did not win.

On the way, Celta lost Tapia, which is no small thing. The midfielder, supporter of a team in which so many people like to look towards the opposing goal, injured the back of his right leg when he went to his umpteenth coverage. He retrieved the ball with a heel strike and it creaked in that final act of service. But Celta had already taken flight and the Peruvian’s absence went unnoticed. With other characteristics, Fran Beltrán also knows the trade. Celta stubbornly and only video refereeing prevented him from taking the fruit of a penalty that Jaime Latre pointed out after a slight contact between Duarte and Santi Mina. It happened that the Vigo striker had started offside shortly before.

Celta already felt under control a match in which they had started subdued. And the goal, beautiful, was at the height of its deployment. Between Aspas and Brais Méndez they generated such a subtle action that each television repetition did nothing but improve it. Go to an unexpected space on the part of the celestial ten and full definition of his partner’s talent, a footballer who almost always leaves scraps, one of those classics misunderstood by the Balaídos stands. In the solitude of the stadium, he spreads class without raising a murmur.

With the wind in favor and despite the fact that Aspas, with an apparent muscular overload, requested the relief with half an hour to play, Celta folded with more solvency than usual. Levante went up, looking for solutions especially with De Frutos and did not stop accumulating men at the front of the attack. It was also uncovered. Celta played, he was precise and found a space on the left for Aarón Martín to act as a dagger and take out a low center that Solari passed to the net to guarantee victory. Levante lacked a shot to stir. He is also betrayed by his numbers: he has barely scored three goals in the last nine days.

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