Celta hits a worthy Osasuna

Iago Aspas scores against Osasuna in Balaídos.

Celta won and arrived, with five days still to play, to the 41 points that are supposed to serve to continue in the top category for the tenth consecutive season. He added three suffered points against an opponent who enjoys a pleasant dynamic. Osasuna appeared in Balaídos after chaining six rounds without losing. He fell, but left a magnificent impression, ambitious, proud to turn before the vicissitudes of a duel that did not smile at him in the decisive moments. With one point less than Celta on the table, he also looks like he will save the season away from the red zone. It is not a little when both became bottoms during this exercise.

The game went from less to more, it started leaden until a treasure appeared, a manual counter in which Celta turned a throw-in that was looking for tickles in his area into a gallop that undressed Osasuna with four passes. Nolito, Denis Suárez and Santi Mina drove, and Iago Aspas was in charge of crossing the finish line. He scored a goal that portrays him as a footballer of infinite resources because, left-handed as he is, he found himself hand in hand with Roncaglia lying on the right wing. In front of him was a friend, a former teammate at Celta, an excellent defender who made the right decision: to block the exit with his good leg. Aspas did not care, he traced a couple of bicycles, armed his right hand and put the ball in an impossible loophole for the Osasuna goalkeeper. Nor did the celestial star care to sign a gray match. When it had to appear, it did so to shine with all its brilliance.

As closed as it was, the match became a matter of details. It was defined by the referee Soto Grado with his gesture before a goal from Nolito that his assistant siphoned when he raised the flag. He brought his fingers together and marked a tiny space. The goal, by the way, was just canceled by the VAR in a frenzied start to the second half in which Osasuna pursued the equalizer and besieged Celta. Iván Villar became great to deny several rojillos forwards.

Arrasate, the visiting coach, had changed the face of his team with three changes at halftime. He opened the field and demanded more legs from Celta than he had. Coudet put them on. The coach of the Vigo team called Fran Beltrán and Solari to the detriment of two artists, Brais Méndez and Nolito. And before starting to run, he found the goal at the exit of a corner kick that Murillo headed like a colossus.

Nothing stopped Osasuna, who went on and on, who called Ávila and Enric Gallego to accompany Budimir and play in his opponent’s area. And for something to happen there. It happened that Aspas and Roberto Torres jumped to an aerial ball without much chicha and the Moaña striker placed his right arm so that the triceps hit the opponent’s neck. Pizarro Gómez, in command of the VAR, warned Soto Grado and it all ended in one of those contemporary penalties that make football incomprehensible. Torres scored from 11 meters and opened an agonizing end for Celta, bombarded by centers, but unscathed to claim victory after three days without doing so.

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