Ceferin did not reach after the Superliga and the Real Madrid referee – Chelsea did not decide the balance

Danny Makkelie, Real Madrid-Chelsea referee.

The shadow of Aleksander ceferin hovered over Alfredo Di Stéfano in the days leading up to the match between the Real Madrid against him Chelsea. The UEFA boss had threatened retaliation against whites for spearheading the rise of the Super league. However, everything was in borage water and the result of 1-1 was not suspicious.

The name of Danny Makkelie became famous after Serbia-Portugal in which they did not concede a goal Cristiano Ronaldo after the ball crossed the goal line. “In accordance with FIFA policies, the only thing I can say is that I apologized to the national coach, Mr. Fernando Santos, and to the Portuguese team for what happened. As a referee team we always work hard to make good decisions. When we are on the news in this way it does not make us happy at all, ”admitted Makkelie himself. In the clash between Real Madrid and Chelsea he did not want trouble.

The 38-year-old Dutchman came to meet Fame of being a referee to let play and he showed it in the early stages of the game. Far from pointing out absolutely everything Makkelie favored contact play, but did not tip the balance to either side with the blow of a whistle. In the end, 10 fouls for the whites and 7 for the Londoners, without adding anything in the first half and prolonging only three in the second.

The collegiate appointed by the UEFA for this game he had only whistled Real Madrid once and Chelsea twice, with victories for them in every game. After the match on Tuesday and the draw, it can be said that neither team has lost when it whistles, although Chelsea protested possible foul on Azpilicueta by Casemiro in Benzema’s goal.

Makkelie complied with his style and was not overly complicated, although with the cards he was more generous than usual. He came to this game with an average of three cards per crash and in this one he left until six. They took them away Vinicius (27 ‘), Pulisic (38 ‘), Kroos (60 ‘), Marcelo (65 ‘), Varane (78 ‘) and Odriozola (89’). There was no more and the expected (by some) scandal did not come.

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