Cassano criticizes Cristiano Ronaldo: “He is selfish, he only lives for the goal”

Italian striker Antonio Cassano, before the medical examination with his team, the Italian Hellas Verona.

Once retired (for the second or third time) from football, Antonio Cassano he is dedicating himself to be a soccer analyst. His last appearance was with another mythical former striker, Christian vieri, on his twitch channel.

Among many other topics they talked about Cristiano Ronaldo after the defeat of the Juventus with the Port, and Cassano didn’t bite his tongue. Although he was not an example of football solidarity, he directly accuses the Portuguese of not taking his teammates into account.

“Cristiano Ronaldo is a phenomenon and can score millions of goals, but he’s going to have problems with Andrea Pirlo’s game idea“, ‘Talentino’ warned.” He was always selfish, he doesn’t want to know if others score. He is the type of player who lives to score. He doesn’t live for the game, he only lives for the goal, “insists Cassano.

In this sense, whoever was a forward Rome, Real Madrid, Inter or Sampdoria Among others, it highlights that Cristiano depends a lot on the players behind him. And he puts as examples footballers who have been companions and rivals of today’s Juventus footballer. “If you put Xavi, Iniesta, Modric or Kroos from behind, he’s going to score 50 goals, but ideas are changing at Juve. And here he is, in trouble. And let’s be honest, the years go by for everyone and for him … “, he warns.

Cassano already made this type of statements and analysis in his days as a footballer. His outgoing character at times bordered on disrespect, and memorable were his disputes with various coaches, such as with a Fabio Capello who ended up running after him several times.

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