Carolina Marín wins her fifth European Championship in a row

Carolina Marín won her fifth European badminton in a row this Sunday in Kiev (Ukraine). She did it in 37 minutes after defeating the 21-year-old Danish girl Line Christophersen (world number 37) by 21-13 and 21-18. “Come on Carol, come on,” she told herself late in the second set when she was making some unforced errors that kept her from closing the game.

“More aggressive in the third hit!” Fernando Rivas, his coach, asked him at breaks. Aggressive, quick with her racket, legs and head, Marín did not grant her rival options. And that he had been standing for 14 days, without being able to touch a racket or shuttlecock. The badminton team had six positives for covid, so the current Olympic champion had to be put in isolation for two weeks, as ordered by the Health protocols in case of being close contact.

And yet, nothing seems to affect Marín since he returned from his crusader injury and since he overcame the worst months – on a mental level – after the death of his father in the summer of last year. This 2021 he has won three of the four tournaments played and continues to add points to be seeded in the Games draw, essential to avoid the best players in the previous rounds. From here to Tokyo (July 23, August 8), she is registered in three more tournaments: the master in Huelva, and two tournaments in Malaysia and Singapore. The organization will decide based on how the pandemic evolves; right now Marín is fourth in the ranking, about 1,000 points behind second.

“Congratulations, Mom. I love you, ”the 27-year-old from Huelva told the camera while celebrating her fifth European title in a row; it has been played precisely on Mother’s Day. Marín was 20 years old in Kazan when in 2014 he got his first European Championship. Already then she said, when asked, that the best part of her game is the “mental part” and that when she looks in the mirror she always sees Rafael Nadal, her idol, because she also has an enormous “competitive character, the same claw” .

His progression pointed to the top; the technicians were convinced of that. The then president of the Federation, David Cabello, was asked after that first European if it was possible in a Marín medal at the 2016 Rio Games. “Due to age and planning, Carolina’s goal should be in the 2020 Games. No the process must be accelerated because the work is being meticulous… ”. The process sped up on its own. In Rio came the gold and repeating it in Tokyo, Marín would become the best badminton player in history.

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