Carlo Ancelotti enters the fight for the Real Madrid bench: Which coach has more options now?

Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti.

The option of Carlo Ancelotti win integers for the bench Real Madrid. As reported by Antón Meana in The spar, the return of the coach to the white team is on the table in the marking studio that they are doing at the club.

As they told in the SER string, the Real Madrid contacted Ancelotti a few days ago and Everton is already looking for a coach in case they have to find a replacement in the event that the Madrid club takes Ancelotti. It is not at all the only option nor is his contract being worked on, but it is the option that most pleases in Valdebebas.

The march of Zinedine Zidane and the signing of Allegri by Juventus on the same day that the Frenchman’s farewell was made official, they have forced Real Madrid to move again in search of a coach for next season. In this search the names of Raul Y Antonio Conte as ‘competition’.

Ancelotti was already in command of the white dressing room from 2013 to 2015. In that time he won the 10th European Cup, a King’s Cup, a European Super Cup and a Club World Cup.

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