Caneda: “The one who treated me best of all was Gil”

It has already become one of the most iconic football scenes of the 90s in our country. We talk about the fight that the former presidents of the Atlético de Madrid and Compostela, Jesus Gil and Jose Maria Caneda, respectively, kept at the headquarters of The league in March 1996.

Both had an argument that ended in blows at the headquarters of The league on account of a few words in which the Galician had referred to the voters of the political party of the president of the Athletic on Marbella, and that this one had interpreted as a lack of respect.

The shameful fight between Gil, Caneda and Fidalgo in 1996


The discussion ended with blows in some images that went around the world and that implied that there was an irretrievable confrontation between the two. However, that episode was only the first. And the end of the matter was diametrically opposite.

This is how he himself has told it Jose Maria Caneda, former presidents of the Compostela, in words to ‘El Partidazo de Cope’.

“The one who treated me best of all was Gil”, Surprised Caneda to that fight in which the worst stopped was José González Fidalgo, former treasurer of the Galician club, who got in the way of blows. “We had a better relationship after the mess. We had a coffee and he cried and said ‘we were ashamed’ and I said yes, that we are two cazurros ”, explained a Caneda who revealed that “what happened inside was worse than the punch of Gil, but it cannot be counted ”.


It is not the first time that you refer to this matter. Some time ago he explained this matter in a similar line “All the anger of Gil came because I said how could they have in Marbella as mayor to an animal like that. Gil he was a bud but he wasn’t bad, he was like me. After the incident, Jesus Gil and I were more friends; I have a good relationship with the whole family, “he said in Zero Wave.

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