Calendar of matches of Spain in the Eurocopa 2020-2021: dates and rivals

Georgia - Spain

The assault of the Spanish soccer team to Eurocup 2020-2021 will start three days after the opening match. Those of Luis Enrique have been framed in the group E tournament, so they will have to wait for the Monday June 14 to play their first match.

It will be against Sweden, a rival accessible a priori but that has powerful arguments that can give some scare if those of the ‘Red’ are not 100% concentrated. It will be the first match to be played in Seville, at the Cartuja stadium, of the three that the national team will play as host in the group stage.

Then you will have to wait until Saturday the 19th to receive Poland, whose main enemy rival will be Robert Lewandowski, to complete this first phase on Wednesday 23 against Slovakia. This will be the only match at 6:00 p.m. and as a visitor (although it will be the same in Seville).

Depending on the results, the rest of the calendar varies. If Spain passes first, it will play the round of 16 on Tuesday 29, if it is second it will be on Monday and if it is one of the best third (the best two pass) it will do so on Sunday 27.

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