Cádiz and Celta approach the goal

The banner in the Ramón de Carranza for the match against Celta.

They added Cádiz and Celta, who are in the final stretch towards permanence. Perhaps they have even reached the goal, given the distance and the number of rivals that separates them from the red zone. They tied and confronted styles to show that soccer can be played and performed from any script. The goal was missing, but there were also no options to celebrate any, the clearest were signed by a side, Hugo Mallo, who had one canceled before the break and later, in the last action of the game, he was able to score with a header that was It was inches from the frame.

Celta collected passes, Cádiz waited folded and happy because he knows how to control the games without managing the ball. Of course, that against an opponent with a varied offensive catalog is also a risk because in addition Celta fought against his tendency to horizontality and mixed the combination with the finish, he tried the shot from long distance and there he found a vein to annoy the rival . Nolito and, twice, Tapia warned in that luck while Cádiz closed spaces.

The yellow box relied on one of its strengths, that of grouping in front of its area and looking for space after recovering the ball. And, like any team that faces Celta, they know that crosses to the box can hurt. A succession of them led to a shot from Malbasic to the crossbar as he moved towards the equator of the first half. Celta was warned and worked on the flanks to prevent Cádiz from crossing more balls. And he adjusted in attack to navigate the local tangle. The team that Chacho Coudet is preparing was unable to find more paths towards Iago Aspas, who did not participate as much as usual.

Others took over. Nolito was especially active, his connection with Hugo Mallo ended in a goal, but the video referee drew lines and found half the shoulder in an illegal position. In such a close match, any chance that went into limbo was equivalent to a treasure that escaped. The passing of the minutes nuanced everything and stained it with agony. Cádiz, who spent the whole game running after the rival, covered his rear even more. The ball began to run less for Celta. He was able to score on a Brais Méndez shot at the near post, but goalkeeper Ledesma responded with solvency.

Everything fell apart and the point, as it progressed towards the end, began to look good for both of them. The match ended with the clear opportunity for Hugo Mallo who was able to give Celta the victory, but he also did it with heavy legs, blunt, thick and chaired, at all times, by a huge banner that covered one of the stands of Ramón de Carranza and that he explained, in English, that Cádiz is always against racism.

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