BVB – Rio Ferdinand: “Manchester United must do everything to get Erling Haaland”

Former England international Rio Ferdinand has been on his Youtube channel on the rumors of change of BVB striker Erling Haaland. The Manchester United legend urges the Red Devils to do whatever it takes to secure the services of the young Norwegian.

United could “not afford to let this man go anywhere else”, says Ferdinand in his video and explains: “His only career goal is England, that is the only country he will move to. If not, I would be great surprised.”

The 42-year-old justifies his thesis that a move to the Premier League is the most likely step for Haaland not only with the interest of the English competing clubs, but also with Haaland’s origins: “He was born and raised here. He obviously loves him English football, his father played here. I am sure it is a dream of his to come to England and play here. “

Those responsible at Manchester United should act immediately if Ferdinand had their way: “To be honest, they just have to get on board and give everything to get Haaland.” Whatever cost and effort this means, he “doesn’t care”.

Finally, Ferdinand also addresses the 20-year-old personally: “Why not in the red jersey at Old Trafford? Be the man who brings United the titles and the successful era back. Be that man!”

Haaland transfer would be very expensive

However, the services of the Norwegian are likely to be correspondingly expensive for any interested parties: Loud The Sun Manchester United would have to transfer 175 million euros to Borussia Dortmund.

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