“BVB rescuer” has to go to jail: Finance manager Florian Homm sentenced to prison

The German financial manager and former BVB major shareholder Florian Homm has been sentenced to imprisonment in Switzerland for qualified, unfaithful business management and multiple forgery of documents. In 2004, Homm helped to save Borussia Dortmund from bankruptcy.

Homm had 20 million euros through his company Absolute Capital Management Holdings Ltd. (ACMH) invested in November 2004 to take over almost 26 percent of BVB shares. Thereupon he was dubbed in the media as “BVB rescuer”.

At the time, the investment helped to save the badly ailing club from bankruptcy – but also interfered with the management of the club several times with pithy words. This is how he described the company in an interview with the in February 2005 Sports picture as a “pigsty”.

The mirror he said in the same year: “If I hadn’t invested, Borussia would no longer be active in professional football. That’s my way of identifying with the club. Without me, Borussia could stick together loyally and firmly in the major league.” In the YouTube channel “Hyperbole” he added: “In 2004/2005 they were so grossly over-indebted and so deficient that the entire financial and sports press said: ‘Homm has had a brainstorm that he even concerns this ailing shop.’ “

In 2007, Homm left ACMH, and a little later the company sold the shares in BVB. He has now been sentenced to 36 months in prison by the Federal Criminal Court in Bellinzona, 18 months of which on probation. He is said to have moved shares between investment funds between 2005 and 2008 in order to artificially drive prices up. According to the indictment, “at least US $ 170,938,806” were enriched.

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