BVB, news and rumors: Dortmund will probably get competition with Kobel commitment

Borussia Dortmund will probably get competition in advertising for Stuttgart’s Gregor Kobel. FCI sports director Michael Henke believes in Edin Terzic’s future as head coach. Michael Zorc criticizes the end of referee Manuel Gräfe. You can find news and rumors about BVB here.

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BVB wants to look for a new goalkeeper in the summer. So far, Stuttgart’s Gregor Kobel has been the most promising candidate. As the picture has now found out, there is still no concrete offer for the 23-year-old, which is why clubs from the English Premier League should now inquire about Kobel.

Kobel should be open to a change in order to take the next step in his career. Condition: He has to be the goalkeeper at the new club. As number one in a Champions League club, he would almost automatically slide up the hierarchy of the Swiss national team.

Because Kobel has a long-term contract without an exit clause, VfB must also play. Stuttgart will therefore probably only let go of its number one if the transfer fee is correct. According to reports, this should be around 15 million euros.

BVB will probably have competition from Stuttgart’s Gregor Kobel

Terzic will “get another chance at a later point in time, even if he continues as assistant coach for the time being. One thing is clear: you can advance too early.”

Henke also suspects a lack of maturity as the reason for Terzic’s regression. “Terzic may have realized that the conditions in Frankfurt or abroad are completely different. Then he has a new team and no players he already knew as assistant coach. These could be mind games where he says’ I’m waiting and I still want to learn something before I feel really mature to be the boss somewhere else in the long term than at my heart club Borussia Dortmund. ‘”

Referee Manuel Gräfe continues to experience loud support in the fight for a continuation of his career in the Bundesliga around his perhaps last appearance. “I am happy to join the large crowd of managers, coaches, players and fans who would like to ask the German Football Association to reflect on their own actions,” said Borussia Dortmund’s sports director Michael Zorc on Friday.

When BVB receives Bayer Leverkusen this Saturday (from 3:30 p.m. in the live ticker), Gräfe will probably whistle one last time because he has reached the age limit set by the DFB. “The fact that one of the most respected referees in Germany is only sent into compulsory retirement against the resistance of the masses because his age switches from 47 to 48 sometime at midnight is not very professional,” said Zorc: “It’s actually a joke! “

This regulation is not transferable to competitive sport. “There are no young and old players, there are only good and bad ones. And it is the same with the referees,” said the 58-year-old: “I would be happy if the goodbye in Dortmund could be collected by the DFB again. It would be one of the better decisions of the association and a sign that one listens to the people in Frankfurt. “

BVB sports director Zorc criticizes Graefe-Aus

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