BVB – Manchester City 1: 2: A strong start is not enough – Can’s handball puts Borussia Dortmund on the loser’s road

Borussia Dortmund has dropped out of the Champions League! After losing 2-1 in the first leg, BVB lost 2-1 (1-0) at home in the second leg against Manchester City. The opponents of the Citizens in the round of the last four, which will be played on April 28 and May 5, is Paris Saint-Germain.

“On the whole it was okay, but that doesn’t do us much good,” said Emre Can after the game Sky. “We can be proud of ourselves because we played against the best team in the world and saw that we are able to keep up. We can take away a lot of positive things.”

When asked about the penalty that Can owed with a handball, the Dortmund man said: “I first touched the ball with my head and then somehow it is on my hand. I think the rules say that it is not a hand. That is bitter, a goal was stolen from us in the first leg. I know 100 percent that I only touched the ball with my head. “

Dortmund coach Edin Terzic first congratulated the English: “City played brilliantly in both games and deservedly made it into the next round. After three of four halves we were through. It’s annoying that we lost the game with these two goals give.”

Terzic also had a clear opinion on the penalty kick: “Handball is always a tough job. We weren’t really lucky with the referee’s decisions in the last seven days. For me it wasn’t a punishable handball. It gave them a second breath and made it easier for them. “

BVB – Manchester City: The analysis

In terms of body language, concentration and accuracy of the pass, BVB played a strong first quarter of an hour, at the end of which he rewarded himself with Bellingham’s dream goal to make it 1-0. Dortmund succeeded time and again in breaking free from the Englishmen’s pressing and in collecting ball possession shares themselves.

However, these decreased significantly after the lead, as City ran higher, delivered the Dortmund better and overall acted more powerfully forward. As a result, BVB lost the ball early on, which was much less likely to be relieved and barely got the well-guarded Haaland going.

De Bruyne retreated into midfield and distributed the balls effectively, mostly the guests attacked on the left side of Zinchenko. De Bruynes hit the crossbar (25th), Morey’s clarification in front of the line against Foden a minute later and Bellingham’s rescue act for the defeated Hitz against Mahrez (32nd) should have at least equalized. That didn’t happen because Dortmund defended deeply but well.

Even after the break, the game did not change at first, City stayed on the trigger. Unfortunate for Borussia that Can’s avoidable handball brought the English the equalizer they deserved. As a result, Dortmund did not get the relief efforts played to the end when possession of the ball, as the passing game was now much less accurate than at the start of the game. Hummels with a header missed BVB’s best chance (69th).

Gates: 1: 0 Bellingham (15th), 1: 1 Mahrez (54th, hand penalty), 1: 2 Foden (75th)

When he positioned himself lower after Dortmund’s lead, the Belgian grabbed the game and shone at times. Strong technique, great dribbling, stable in the duels, plus the most shots on goal – De Bruyne was unbearable for Dortmund.

BVB – Manchester City: The dates of the game

Not always sovereign in his game management, but without too big mistakes. His whistle against Bellingham after a little more than half an hour was wrong, as the Dortmund player first played the ball in a duel in midfield. Must show Morey yellow shortly after the start of the second half for his hold against De Bruyne. At the penalty whistle for City Cans handball he interpreted the Dortmund player not to intentionally play the ball with his head before jumping to his arm – ultimately a matter of interpretation.

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