BVB – Giovanni Reyna with increasing form curve at Borussia Dortmund: Hope for the Werder effect

After Giovanni Reyna made his professional debut 15 months ago, the American’s curve always pointed upwards and established him in the Borussia Dortmund squad. In the past few months, the 18-year-old has gone through a veritable form low at BVB – this now seems to be over in time for the end of the season and for BVB’s game against Union Berlin (8.30 p.m. in LIVETICKER).

“The time of chatting is simply over,” said Borussia Dortmund’s interim coach Edin Terzic, rightly before last Sunday’s game against Werder Bremen. The end of the season has long been reached, in this hot phase it is simply time to deliver. Finally, BVB is still fighting for qualification for the Champions League and a place in the DFB Cup final.

Terzic’s announcement was broadly valid for his team, which achieved a mandatory win with a 4-1 victory over SVW and increased the pressure on Eintracht from Frankfurt, who were only four points away. But it could also be understood individually, because Dortmund continues to drag some players with them who are far from their normal form.

In the past few weeks these have mainly been experienced workers like Julian Brandt or Thomas Meunier. She recently left Terzic consistently on the bench, as her performances have disappointed throughout the season. The determination of the BVB coach in these personnel issues also meant that there were several frequent players in the team.

It would therefore be quite practical in the interests of Dortmund and after intensive weeks with a further intensive rest program in front of the chest, if one of the players from the second row would soar to an increase in form. After the duel against Bremen there seems to be one: Giovanni Reyna.

Giovanni Reyna best BVB offensive player against Bremen

In any case, the US-American has been much better off lately, if you compare this with his past five months. Reyna scored against Bremen with a great shot to make it 1-1, his first goal since December. Shortly afterwards he prepared Borussia’s third goal. Last week in Stuttgart, the right winger cleverly equalized and played a leading role in Marco Reus’ 2-1.

What I especially liked against Werder: Reyna’s agility and lightness are back, his filigree movements, especially in direct duels, made him a permanent source of trouble for the defense of the opponent and Dortmund’s best offensive player. “That’s how we need him,” said Terzic.

It is still a tender plant, of course, after the long lean period, Reyna has to show more good games in order to finally be over the mountain. Dortmund’s business model of letting extremely young players off the leash at an early stage means that demands are increasing rapidly. Reyna should have learned this lesson in the past few months.

But regardless of form fluctuations or dream goals, one must not forget: This guy is only 18 years old, and Reyna made her senior debut 15 months ago. And there is currently six goals and ten assists in 57 competitive games for Dortmund, a more than remarkable interim result.

It is completely normal for such a young player to experience dips in his development – especially after it has only gone in the right direction – and to fight against resistance that he will not be able to overcome for a certain period of time. In any case, in a team that is preoccupied with itself and numerous other problems early in the season. No 18-year-old can get you out of such a confused state on a regular basis.

In November, the club prematurely extended his contract until 2025. In a little more than four weeks, Reyna’s first full season as a professional will be over, it was certainly not a standard one. The subsequent break should be good for him, so that, like the entire club, under the new coach Marco Rose, he can start a fresh start.

“I want to play more games, score more goals, prepare more goals,” Reyna said before the season. Despite the form crisis, he succeeded in doing this impressively. Now there are six, ideally seven games on the program, he can celebrate his first title with Borussia.

“I am one of those who is all alone”

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