BVB – Ex-goalkeeper Johannes Focher from RSV Meinerzhagen in an interview: “What we played was clearly Nuri’s signature”

Johannes Focher played for BVB for a total of nine years before he ended his professional career at the age of 25 and began studying. Today the goalkeeper is playing again – at RSV Meinerzhagen, supported by Nuri Sahin, in the Oberliga Westfalen.

In an interview with SPOX and goal Focher speaks, among other things, about the reasons why he started playing football again and how much he was enthusiastic about Sahin’s passion for his home club.

Mr Focher, five years ago you explained in a SPOX interview why you ended your career as a goalkeeper for Borussia Dortmund’s second team at the age of 25 and started studying in Bochum. This interview was accessed most often in 2016.

Johannes Focher: Seriously?


The pressure is on! Joking aside: You are now playing in the amateur field again, since 2018 you have been in goal at RSV Meinerzhagen, supported by Nuri Sahin, in the Oberliga Westfalen. How long did you really go out without football?

Focher: Officially, I was without a team for two and a half years. In Bochum, however, there was a university team that was looking for a goalkeeper, as I was told by the many sports students in my circle of friends. I went to training there with a friend. The team had won the German championship the year before and thus qualified for the European Championship in Croatia. Then I was asked if I would like to go with them – and then I did it. It was a very casual group of major league and partly regional league players. We had a good time, even if the final was unfortunately lost.

In our interview at the time you said of yourself that you were “never the greatest football fan with great passion”. How do you feel today?

Focher: I still stand by that statement. There are too many topics that interest and occupy me outside of football. My intention at the time was to set myself up differently professionally, as it was foreseeable that I would not be successful in professional football. It was important to me to make a clear cut. If I had somehow still had one leg stuck in a professional career, I would not have made it. After two and a half years and progressive studies, the mental cut had long been made, so I rejoined a club.

Where do you want to go professionally afterwards?

Has the six years of study and all its accompanying circumstances changed you as a person?

Focher: Yes, I do believe that I have developed extremely further and that I have also learned a lot in interpersonal relationships. Since then I’ve also traveled a lot with friends, with my motorhome across Eastern Europe and things like that. I realized what you can and must achieve in life. I am also proud of this development process.

After the relegation with Kray was established, you stayed in the upper league and joined the ETB Schwarz-Weiß Essen for the rest of the season in October 2017. How did it go for you there?

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