BVB – “Completely adopted”: Dortmund’s relapse at an inopportune time

Borussia Dortmund forgets to play football in Cologne, leaving important points behind – and falling into patterns that were believed to have been overcome.

How long two weeks feels like depends very much on the status in the table. Edin Terzic knows that too. “With a good portion of disappointment” you go into the upcoming international break, said the coach of Borussia Dortmund after the 2: 2 (1: 1) at 1. FC Köln: “Because we have to look at this table the whole time. And can’t change anything. “

A victory at the relegation candidate was firmly planned and then actually started early: BVB swept over the helpless Cologne, led after three minutes through Erling Haaland 1-0, could have scored more goals – but then took it completely suddenly and quite consistently no longer participate in this Bundesliga game.

“We said goodbye completely,” said goalkeeper Marwin Hitz later Sky, “We had no more access, we slipped deep behind. That is inexplicable after we had this good starting position.”

So BVB made the Cologne strong, who had really gone on the field with enough problems of their own. Ondrej Duda (35th, hand penalty) and Ismail Jakobs (65th) turned the game. A Dortmund defeat would have been deserved, especially Haaland had something against it.

Erling Haaland eaten after a draw: “F *** ing bullshit”

Only the Norwegian was loud, aggressive, dangerous and then successful again. Haaland equalized in the 90th minute, but that didn’t save his mood. Immediately after the final whistle, he took off his jersey, threw it to Mere from Cologne, who had asked for a jersey exchange, and disappeared into the dressing room.

Even after the break, Haaland is said to have gone into the dressing room with a lot of anger in his stomach. “I f *** ing hate this. F *** ing bullshit”, the scorer said loudly imagewho relied on hearing witnesses called.

“Erling had five degrees and again scores two goals. Nevertheless, you can see his disappointment today because he wanted to leave the field with three points. This will to win distinguishes him. He shows us that every day and you once or twice a week”, said coach Edin Terzic.

Haaland himself did not give an interview, but reported on Twitter: “Not a great result. We will use that as a motivation to come back even stronger. Thanks to all BVB fans for their support.”

Even before the game, the Spanish daily had ABC caused quite a stir with the news that Haaland had decided to move to Real Madrid.

The game (April 3rd) will have a decisive character, and Terzic urgently needs to wake up his team by then. “Cologne was a setback,” he said, “the future must now show how we will deal with it.” And maybe it’s a good thing that he now has two weeks.

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