BVB – Comment on Borussia Dortmund’s DFB Cup victory: That has to be the benchmark – even under Rose

Borussia Dortmund saved its positive run in the DFB Cup final and won the next victory in Berlin. The performances in the past few weeks must be the benchmark for a club with the self-image of BVB – also under the upcoming head coach Marco Rose. A comment from SPOX editor Jochen Tittmar.

Marco Reus somehow only said it casually, but there was a lot of truth in the statement he made at the press conference the day before the DFB Cup final: “In the team you often have the feeling: If we really have to, we deliver also, “said the captain of Borussia Dortmund. “Then I have to add something immediately,” replied coach Edin Terzic: “Then we have to tomorrow, Marco. So that you have heard that before.”

The mysteriousness of your own team due to the fickleness of your own performance – a phenomenon that has been marveling at Dortmund for a long time. Far too long to be precise.

After BVB lost at home to Eintracht Frankfurt around six weeks ago and the Champions League qualification was seven points behind, they have won every game except for the duels with Manchester City in the premier class and two very much against the Citizens presentable performance retrieved.

In the meantime, this has resulted in a deserved victory in the DFB Cup and a one-point lead in the CL race in the Bundesliga. At the end of an intense season paved with many adversities, that is quite astonishing. But it is precisely these achievements that must ultimately be the benchmark for a club like BVB.

BVB has to call up its values ​​more consistently

Body language, fighting spirit, concentration, will, determination – these footballing and mental values ​​were last under Terzic, and Borussia has not given up a point since then. However, they must not only be somehow loosely anchored in the self-image of the self-proclaimed second lighthouse in football Germany, whose team is also the second most expensive in the country, but must be accessed much more consistently than just for a few weeks.

Because it is precisely factors like these that are decisive for winning titles or getting closer to the industry leader Bayern Munich. The mature Jadon Sancho, double goal scorer in the final, put it aptly: “We won our last title four years ago. We are a big club and should win trophies season after season.”

This will also apply to the new constellation under Marco Rose, because the benchmark for BVB’s services is independent of people. Thanks to the possibly very successful final sprint, Rose takes on a Herculean task that can be expected of him as a trainer. But before him, many of his coaching colleagues were not able to arouse the team’s potential in such a way that they no longer fail mainly because of themselves.

As managing director Hans-Joachim Watzke rightly pointed out, the “greatest achievement” will be needed in the immediate present to win the Bundesliga game that is due on Sunday at the resurgent 1. FSV Mainz 05.

The victory in the cup final was certainly enormously important emotionally for many tortured BVB souls, but it was only the freestyle. It will be the duty of the team to play the two final league games in such a way that the economically essential qualification for the Champions League is in the end.

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