BVB and the big points in the fight for the Champions League: Borussia Dortmund’s psychos

Borussia Dortmund wins outnumbered at VfL Wolfsburg and is the big winner of the 31st day of the Bundesliga in the fight for the Champions League qualification. This is not the first time that BVB has shown itself to be strong when it is under pressure.

J├Ârg Schmadtke often has something sphinx-like about him in front of the camera. He then comes across as very stoic, sometimes bored, and likes to tease without changing a face. “We still have two points ahead,” said the sporting director of VfL Wolfsburg on Saturday Skyafter the Wolves lost the important game against Borussia Dortmund 2-0.

Then he dropped an afterthought that was typically Schmadtke, but in which his facial expressions did not want to match the content: “And when I look at the rest of the Dortmund program and ours, I dare to doubt that they can still catch up on the two points.”

Schmadtke laughed slightly at the end, but he looked tense and trying. One has the impression: BVB has arrived in the head of Wolfsburg through the Big Point in the Autostadt, who have lost three of their four previous games and have now been waiting for a goal against Borussia for 847 minutes. Weeks ago, VfL was eleven points ahead of Dortmund.

“We have a psychological advantage,” said BVB captain Marco Reus and gave a completely different picture than Schmadtke. “We have to take advantage of the situation that we are in a good flow and continue to work hard. Then I’m pretty sure we will make it.”

BVB for the first time with four Bundesliga victories in a row

It should be the most important finding of a game day in which the Frankfurt defeat in Leverkusen finally crowned BVB as the interim winner in the fight for Champions League qualification: Dortmund is still behind the two competitors in the table, but now clearly has the momentum his side.

It is the first time in this bumpy season for Westphalia that they have won four Bundesliga victories in a row. The two previous three-win series came against weak opponents such as Schalke and Bielefeld, but now the Westphalians have successively beaten Stuttgart, Bremen, Union and Wolfsburg – and above all played much better.

It is a bit reminiscent of the BVB Champions League phenomenon, which has not only been observed since this season: As soon as it becomes really important, as soon as there are highlight games similar to the final, the often puzzling team shows the face that you should see more often given their quality .

Then Dortmund plays most of the time focused, with great passion and, above all, a completely different body language. In short: Then Dortmund will play as an adult. This gives the impression that this also seems to be a question of the psyche. If the team is under pressure, it seems to be more ready in the head than sometimes for compulsory tasks at home against Cologne or in Augsburg.

In Wolfsburg, Dortmund’s maturity was especially evident after Jude Bellingham was sent off. BVB remained mentally stable, ran a lot, took on the duels with a certain amount of enthusiasm and demonstrated a strong positional play on the defensive. “We were ready from the first second to go beyond our limit,” said Reus.

However, if BVB continues to play with the attitude described, which recently made it possible to overcome setbacks such as the arrears against VfB and Werder or the shortfall on Saturday afternoon, then it could still be enough for a happy ending. A move into the cup final next weekend against Holstein Kiel could further strengthen the momentum and self-confidence.

Will Mainz tip the scales?

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