BVB against Leipzig under greater pressure – Nagelsmann renounces the Herberger trick

The dress rehearsal for the cup final is about much more for Borussia Dortmund than for RB Leipzig. The Saxons want to annoy BVB.

Julian Nagelsmann will do without the Sepp Herberger trick. Unlike the legendary national coach at the 1954 World Cup in the preliminary round match (3: 8) against eventual final opponents Hungary (3: 2), the RB Leipzig coach wants to send his best possible team to the dress rehearsal for the DFB Cup final against Borussia Dortmund.

“We will not spare anyone who is healthy,” emphasized Nagelsmann before the league game on Saturday (3:30 p.m.) at BVB and promised: “We will approach the game with full fervor and want to win.”

There is much more at stake for BVB than for Saxony. While Leipzig’s re-qualification for the premier class can only be taken theoretically, the athletically and financially enormously important participation in the Champions League will be a trembling game for Borussia despite a race to catch up.

“We have two big goals that we want to achieve: We want to go to the Champions League. Of course, there is also a great desire to win the cup,” said BVB coach Edin Terzic.

BVB: Haaland and Reyna are back in training

Erling Haaland and Giovanni Reyna serve as encouragers. Both started training again on Thursday. Haaland is “an option” for Saturday, said Terzic, and he is “very confident” with Reyna.

A victory should also provide the necessary tailwind for the grand finale five days later in Berlin’s Olympic Stadium. One wants to “gain a lot of self-confidence”, said Terzic.

But this also applies to the opponent. Leipzig has been waiting for a success against Dortmund for six games and thus since October 2017. The encounter had “a certain influence on the game on Thursday,” assured Nagelsmann.

The future Bayern coach therefore reassured Terzic that “we won’t do anything that has never been there”. But they still want to appear variable, “to win the game, but also to have a good approach to the cup game”.

But you will “follow through with our ideas and our plan for a large part of the game, because otherwise I will take the rhythm away from the team for Thursday,” said Nagelsmann: “If you try too much now, you confuse the players too much, which doesn’t make sense at all and is necessary. “

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