Butragueño Epiphany in Cádiz

On Thursday February 2, 1984, As announced: if Santillana does not recover, Butragueño will replace him in Cádiz. By then, matchday 21, Di Stéfano had already promoted three Castilla players: Sanchís and Martín Vázquez in 14, in Murcia, and Pardeza in 17, against Espanyol. The subsidiary, which Amancio trained, was all the rage that season. He led the table of Second elbow to elbow with Bilbao Athletic, and the enthusiasm was such that the Bernabéu opened, with fullness, for the match that faced both. That was a cheerful, colorful and efficient team, a continuation of the one that had been a Cup finalist shortly before, but with more charm. The most admired was Butragueño, who with 21 goals, was the top scorer in Second.

Upon arriving at the Ciudad Deportiva on Friday, Butragueño finds that Amancio tells him that he is going to train with the first team and lets him fall that he will travel to Cádiz. Santillana had recovered, but even so Di Stéfano decided to take the young promise.

Meanwhile, although the city lived a general strike for the naval reconversion, in Cádiz the entrances fly. Not because of Butragueño, of whom little was still known, but because of Real Madrid himself, a favorite visitor to the city, because of the passion that Mágico González unleashed and because the points were needed. Cádiz is bad. Four days ago Joanet has replaced Milosevic on the bench and he has a reaction. Animate the precedents: it was Madrid’s third visit to Carranza in the League and in the previous two Cádiz had won 1-0. To that could be added a single Cup match, with a scoreless draw.

Madrid also needed the points. He was second, a point below Athletic de Clemente, but above all he needed joy. His football bored, the public protested and it was evident that the fans enjoyed more with Castilla than with the first team. The expression was already circulating The Quinta de El Buitre from a famous article by Julio César Iglesias in EL PAÍS, in which he encouraged Di Stéfano to raise five players: Butragueño, Sanchís, Martín Vázquez, Míchel and Pardeza. That article undoubtedly stimulated Di Stéfano, as it was published very shortly before the debuts of Sanchís and Martín Vázquez in Murcia.

Butragueño, 20 years old, comes home happy, where he breaks the news. Even happier is his father, an old Madridista, a lover of Molowny, of whose football he sees traces in his son. Molowny had been, precisely, the supporter of Butragueño to enter Madrid after being rejected in many tests. Papa Butragueño signs up for the trip.

When Di Stéfano gives the line-up, Butragueño is not there. Yes Martín Vázquez and Sanchís, in the middle, within a prudent 4-4-2 that leaves the attack to Juanito and Santillana. Madrid plays badly in the first half. In the 18th minute, Cádiz scored through Benito, a free kick from Mágico González; Madrid, which was very cautious, opens something and in 34 ‘there is a counterattack with a long pass from Benito to Mejías II that scores against Miguel Ángel. 2-0 and handkerchiefs in the stands.

Di Stéfano is obliged to risk and at half-time he leaves Sanchís out to enter Butragueño, who comes out with the 14. He has a decidedly childish, almost angelic air, with his slight raven and blond curls, although his legs attract attention powerful. He soon stands out for his vision of the game: in 49 ‘he leaves Ángel hand in hand with Cedrún, but the occasion disappears. Then something else will draw attention: its explosive start and ease of braking. In 60 ′ the portrait will be completed with his decision for the shot. Santillana has received a long ball, he handles it in the crescent very closely watched and he comes to his aid, takes it and shoots across the 2-1. It was a withering action, a rogue stab.

Cádiz becomes more cautious, Madrid goes on the attack. The Vulture intervenes more and more and better and better. In a half turn the ball crashes into Cedrún’s crossbar. But time progresses without more goals, amidst the public’s anxiety. In the 87 ‘, a corner thrown by Juanito is headed with the parietal by Gallego: 2-2 and blow for Cádiz, who takes off the center disappointed. Camacho cuts, overtakes Juanito, is centered on Ángel, who shoots, Cedrún rejects as he can and Butragueño appears out of nowhere and scores 2-3. Madrid has won the match.

It was an epiphany. A miraculous halo enveloped his name from that moment, which monopolizes the covers and the news the next day. Di Stéfano will give him a scant but forceful compliment, true to his way of speaking: “You shake this kid and goals fall.”

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