Bundesliga, votes and reactions to the 32nd matchday – Nagelsmann disappointed: “Partly very bad”

Glasner: "Josip was always in the dangerous area today and that

After the 2: 3 defeat in the duel of the Champions League aspirants between Borussia Dortmund and RB Leipzig, RB coach Julian Nagelsmann was disappointed. At the same time, FC Bayern became German champions for the 31st time ahead of schedule. The voices and reactions to the 27th matchday.

SPOX has the most important voices and reactions of the 27th matchday of Sky and the press conferences.

Julian Nagelsmann (trainer RB Leipzig) on ​​…

the game: “Sometimes we did well, sometimes very badly. We were the better team in the second half. Three goals are too many. That’s why we lost.”

… his personal record against Dortmund: “We actually played a lot of good games against Dortmund, including with my previous team. In Dortmund we didn’t really deserve to lose, but the statistics still don’t lie.”

Borussia Dortmund – RB Leipzig: 3-2

… on the failure of Erling Haaland: “I’m never happy when players are injured, but I also know that Dortmund is better with Erling the Tick than without him. You have seen how dangerous he is and how he can shape a game. Dortmund is certainly better when he would play. “

… on Hansi Flickt’s congratulations: “First of all, I thanked you for the congratulations and said that we would be talking on the phone for the next one or two weeks. When he announces what he will do in the future, he will also receive congratulations from me for his next step, as well always he looks then. “

Edin Terzic (coach Borussia Dortmund) on …

… the game: “We are very happy about the win. We played a very good first half. We developed a lot of risk of goal. That was lost in the second half. We also got a little tired. Leipzig deserved to equalize. After that could have tilted the game either way. “

… Erling Haaland: “We’ll see. We had to make a decision for this game and unfortunately it wasn’t enough for today. The horse kiss is very persistent, it has formed a lot of fluid. We just hope that it gets less from day to day and.” it will be available again early or in the middle of next week. “

… Christian Groß: “Grosso is someone who leads the way in such situations. He stands for football work, so he is very important and very experienced, even if he has not played that many Bundesliga games. These are the players who are in demand at the moment.”

… his handling of pressure: “That was already the case last week, so it didn’t inhibit me at all. But I’m a Bundesliga coach, there is a certain professional risk involved. So it doesn’t matter at all, it’s just about Werder Bremen Class lasts. We’ll be able to answer at some point whether it’s my penultimate home game or whether there will be 186 after that, but certainly not now. “

VfL Wolfsburg – 1. FC Union Berlin: 3-0

Hannes Wolf (coach Bayer Leverkusen) on …

… the game: “We fully opposed it in the first half. We were close to scoring in the second half, so it was a more open game. We found fewer footballing solutions behind the scenes – so we only take one point with us. We’d like to have three points I’ve rarely played so many nine or eight players in between. It was clear that the Bremen team pull out all the stops in their situation. There were a few punches today that hurt. “

Oliver Glasner (coach VfL Wolfsburg) on ​​…

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