Bundesliga, The voices and reactions to the 21st matchday – S04 coach Gross: “Hope dies last”

Schalke coach Christian Gross does not want to give up hope of relegation even after the draw against Union Berlin. In Dortmund they are not very happy about the late draw against TSG Hoffenheim. The last-minute equalizer is also a topic of conversation at VfB Stuttgart. Leverkusen coach Peter Bosz is “very angry” about his team’s performance. And at SC Freiburg you collect “point for point towards relegation”.

The voices from Sky, DAZN and the press conferences for matchday 19 at a glance.

Urs Fischer (Union Berlin coach) …

… to the game: “The opportunities were there to decide the game for us. If you don’t do them, you’ll have to be happy to take a point with you in the end. We’re not efficient at the moment and if you’re not efficient then games will be difficult We have to stay clear. You can’t let yourself get upset by this phase, you have to stick to the concept and work hard on it. “

… about the scene between Benjamin Stambouli and Florian Hübner: “There’s no point in discussing things that haven’t been decided. We had the opportunity and we have to win this game.”

Union Berlin – FC Schalke 04 0: 0 (0: 0)

… to the game: “We take a point with us, but we had a chance to get three points. It was important that we kept the zero and definitely kept one point.”

… about his future: “I’m not worried about that now. I have a contract, I’m a Union Berlin player and I try to perform every week. What happens in the end will be seen, but I haven’t looked at it yet.”

Florian Huebner (Union Berlin) …

… to the game: “For us it’s a point we won, but when you see the 90 minutes it’s still two lost. We had huge chances. There weren’t many set pieces, but I think we combined well through play.”

… to Stambouli: “From my point of view, it’s a penalty. The ball came straight at me, I had good timing, I was able to head up but couldn’t jump because Stambouli was on me with both hands.”

… to the fan protests: “I think it’s a shame, Jochen Schneider once again got involved in the transfer phase and he is committed to the club day and night. But we live with the club and we will do that until the very end.”

Suat Serdar (FC Schalke 04) …

VfB Stuttgart – Hertha BSC 1: 1 (1: 0)

… to Bentaleb: “He wasn’t on the team for a few months, he did well for that. He’s definitely helping us. I’m happy and we as a team are happy that he’s back.”

Ralf Fährmann (FC Schalke 04) …

… to the penalty area scene between Stambouli and Hübner: “Of course the arm is up, but it’s a contact sport, it’s a men’s sport, maybe I have the blue glasses on in this situation, it wasn’t a clear penalty for me. But there is no need to discuss, we have too little We need as many points as possible, so a draw is okay, but a win would have been much better. “

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