Bundesliga relegation – reactions and voices on Cologne relegation: “I stink terribly”

1. FC Köln prevented the seventh relegation from the Bundesliga. After the 0: 1 defeat in the first leg against Holstein Kiel, the Cologne team won 5: 1 (3: 1) in Kiel’s Holstein Stadium and thus secured themselves relegation. The voices.

Jonas Hector (1. FC Cologne): “Whenever we stood with our backs to the wall, we played like we did today. We stood together as a team and we were never to be beaten. You know what Effzeh means for the city of Cologne: It’s a very close bond and we wanted to we’re giving something back tonight. The fans were certainly not happy with us over the season. “

Timo Horn (1. FC Cologne): “There is so much falling away from you. After the defeat in the first leg, it is all the more valuable how the team performed today. It was a fully deserved victory and Kiel had nothing to counter that in the end. Effzeh simply belongs in the first League.”

Fin Bartels (Holstein Kiel): “If you lose that high, you don’t need to analyze a lot. Maybe we wanted too much and were too wild. We should have played more quietly – but things got in our way one after the other. The atmosphere was really great, but it will take a while to realize that. If you have three chances to advance and three times you fail, you are just disappointed at first. “

Alexander Mühling (Holstein Kiel): “It made us strong that we were a group in which everyone stuck to each other. We would have liked to have rewarded ourselves for it, but it shouldn’t have been. We went through a lot and got up again and again. But then you have to say that we didn’t defend well enough in the three finals. There were a few percentage points missing during the crucial break of the season. “

Friedhelm Funkel (coach 1. FC Cologne): “To be honest: I didn’t feel any pressure today. It was tension, but not pressure, I experienced so much. We were all well prepared and I knew we had a chance. It was me that we performed so impressively already impressed. But I also have to praise Markus Gisdol, he has a lot to do with staying up. If he could have used Jonas Hector or Sebastian Andersson more often, then I might not be here today. I enjoyed these seven weeks, even if they were mine It took a lot of strength. I’m just happy that this mission was successfully completed. And the beer shower after the game shows that we were successful and then the guys can pour beer on me. I hope it will be the last There was a shower today, except for the shower in the cabin, because I smell terrible. “

Hauke ​​Wahl (Holstein Kiel): “I think we didn’t gamble away today. Today we played a game that wasn’t ready for the Bundesliga. If I’ve learned anything this season, it’s that we had an exceptional team. Other teams would never be after so many blows to the neck got up so often. And now I’m just incredibly disappointed that we couldn’t finish a season like this successfully. “

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