Bundesliga: Lewandowski-Haaland duel lights up the Klassiker

As often, Bayern Munich ended up defeating its rival Dortmund (4-2) this Saturday, March 6 on the occasion of the 24th day of the Bundesliga. So obviously, at the time of the Klassiker between the two clubs, we expected a lot from the scoring duel between Erling Haaland and Robert Lewandowski. Unsurprisingly, they responded with a hat-trick for the Pole, and a brace for the Norwegian.

One is only 20 years old, and still everything to prove. The other has 32, and still has some records to hang. And yet, Erling Haaland and Robert Lewandowski never stop bringing everything back to their incredible duel on the other side of the Rhine. And the Klassiker between Borussia Dortmund in the first and Bayern Munich in the second was no exception: once again, Haaland and Lewandowski drew all the spotlight by stacking the goals. The first scored a double, before going out on injury, before the second responds with a treble. Just that.

In this penalty area terminator duel, the first to strike was Erling Haaland. The ardor of youth, no doubt? In any case, the Norwegian prodigy only needed two short minutes to unlock his counter, on the lookout after a high recovery from Delaney and a shot of billiards. Largely enough for Haaland who shot a firecracker from the left from outside the area (0-1, 2nd). But the appetite comes with eating, even more for those bulimics of the round ball. And barely seven minutes later, Haaland doubled the bet on Hazard’s caviar (0-2, 9th). The Norwegian himself is the type to put his teammates in orbit in normal times, not surprising to see them return the favor.

This Saturday against Bayern, Haaland wanted to prove that he can stand the comparison with Robert Lewandowski, despite the goal gaps, despite the twelve years gap, despite the gap trophies. To measure the performance of the tall blond, it must be understood that in 9 minutes, he scored as many goals as Borussia in his last 5 appearances at the Allianz Arena in Munich: 2, against 24 conceded. A double that was certainly not enough for his family, but which allowed them to almost grab a point on the lawn of Bayern before the late goals of Goretzka (3-2, 88th) and Lewandowski (4-2, 89th), which had not happened since April 2014 in the Bundesliga. And two goals that bring Haaland’s total to 19 league goals after 24 days. Not bad, but the Norwegian alien is not yet on the same planet as Lewandowski.

And for good reason, to the double of his rival Borussia, the Polish striker responded with a hat-trick. Logical, since in the scorers classification, Lewandowski is in another dimension with already 31 achievements after 24 days. Stratospheric. Obviously, such efficiency could not spare Borussia Dortmund, his former club, against whom he scored 20 league goals. It’s simple: no player has scored more than him against BVB. So was it surprising to see the Pole reduce the gap in fox in the area on a cross from Sané (1-2, 25th)? Was it surprising to see him transform the equalizer penalty before the break (2-2, 43rd)? No.

And even after Bayern regained the lead late in the game through Goretzka, Lewandowski was still hungry for a goal. So the Pole pulled out his teeth one last time to offer himself a hat-trick, do better than Halaland and get even closer to Gerd Müller’s legendary record and his 40 goals in a Bundesliga season. To overtake him, he has ten games left to score ten goals. Easy, when you shoot at 1.3 goals per game like him. But at 32, Lewandowski has an interest in setting the new record high, if he doesn’t want Haaland to delight him in the years to come, when the Norwegian has reached his maturity. Because yes, the good news is that this alien duel has only just begun.

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